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Motherboard BIOS issue



A friend of mine replaced their 120mm AIO with an NH-U14S, lowered noise and temperature.
As for TR, those Noctua air coolers did a surprisingly good job on them.


Well kinda depends on what you expect from the board.

On the vrm side of things its slightlly better then your current AB350.
Its a 4+2 phase design with doubled up components on each phase.
But depending on which version of the board you get, and what they had on the supply line wenn it comes to the mosfets.
Because this board sometimes comes with 2x Niko PZ0902 or 2x Sinopower SM4337 on the high-side and 2x Niko PK618BA or SM4336 mosfets on the low-side.
Either of those mosfets aint that great, the Sino power fets are slightly better then the Niko’s.

I´m not sure what the current price of this board is,
and what you expect from it?
I understand that you are looking for a cheap as possible reasonable good board.

Also the Master sli only has a single bios chip that isnt swappable,
and it lacks a debug led and or postcode readout.
Also the additional 4 pin cpu power connector is kinda missleading.
Because it doesnt has any purpose for it being on there.
Since a single 8 pin cpu power connector is allready good for like 480W.
And there is no chance in hell that the vrm on this board can even get close to handling that.
So an additional 240W 4pin cpu power connector is totally useless.
It would have made more sense if they had put a post code readout on the board instead but yeah…


Honestly I was happy with my B350 Pro4 before it pooped itself.
Debug postcode will be nice, dual bios will be nice, but honestly I’m quite fine without them as well.

My main issue is, I don’t want to give money to Asus or MSI and the store have nothing decent from Gigabyte so I’m kinda stuck with Asrock…
The cheapest option is to just replace it with the same model and they have the same model, so if it comes to that they’ll most likely do that…


Dont they have the Asrock X470 gaming K4?
Because that board is basically pretty much similar to the master sli.
But it does has post code readout.
I think that this board would work fine really.
Of course if you want to trow a 2700X on it pinning all the cores to 4.4Ghz,
well then the vrm on the board will get pretty toasty.
If not fail at a certain given time.
But that basically counts for pretty much all entry level X470 boards and B450 boards in general.

If you want to run a 2700X on its max overclock potential,
then you pretty much would need a decent X470 board.
With the Asus X470 Strix F board being a good midrange choice.
But yeah Asus crosshair VII hereo, Asrock Taichi theratory would be better for that.
But those are out of your price league, which i do understand.


My dear, I am running 1700X stock until I finish my game and make a bijilion dollars our of it. Until such time comes I am not replacing my CPU.

Maybe they do and it’s just out of stock ATM …
Still, I have to wait for them to tell me what’s happening to my board.


You mean this one?
Yeah, they have it…


The people from the warranty service just called… The board is working just fine here…
We will update the BIOS just in case, but we can’t find any issue with it.




I hope it just magically works when you get it back. Further troubleshooting would be a pain.


I can test all ram sticks one by one.
I just hope it’s not the CPU… There is no way I can test that…


Why didn’t you send the cpu with the mobo?


What happened to the sata testing? I stopped following closely after you diagnosed the problem to be with the board.


Cause the CPU isn’t bought from them and I haven’t thought of it …


From my experience companies don’t like to get other stuff sent to them when RMAing because it’s more complicated for them to test and stuff randomly disappears which makes customers angry.


It’s working fine on my old board, so it’s not really a sata issue.
Also they have attached stuff to it, so it’s not the ports either.


sata cable ?
power and/or data


I’m using the same cables and everything with the old motherboard… No issues…


yeah, let’s hop it magically works again
Lay a hammer as a threat near the PC when installing all the hardware.
Edit: a rock works too


Well, I hope that the BIOS update will fix any incompatibility issues if there are any…


I thought that you allready did update the bios?
But yeah maybe it might fix some of the issues.


Wish me luck …
After work tonight I’m putting my new old PC back together.
I found a buyer for my old old system, so I have to ship it tomorrow.