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Motherboard BIOS issue



Good luck bro!


Good luck!
May the computing and hardware gods be with you.


Well, if not - I will use the money from the old system I sell to buy a new motherboard…


Remember the hammer, you have to frighten the hardware sometimes into behaving.


I’ll show it my old phone I threw at the wall after not working properly…


Hopefully the sell works out well enough to get you some money for a decent board.
If you need any recommendations let me know. :slight_smile:


Well, what do you know… Updated BIOS and no issues… Other than the Radeon drivers and the ASRock poop software, but that’s another thing…


Awsome sauce! Congrats pete.


Are you sure that that’s your board. Or did they secretly do swapsies.


No no, it’s my board… Same broken pci-e slot clamp…


It’s back…



Wonder how it did not happen over at asrock.


At the retailer…
How can I test my ram while staying away from rebooting?



I wonder if there is a memtest app for Windows.

Maybe you can install it without it making it reboot to make you use it?


After some googling memtesting from within windows won’t accurately do anything.

Ignore what I said.


Is it possible, that my PSU is not doing great and it basically needs replacing? It’s 430W after all… Almost 5 years old.,…


Could be.
Only way to test will cost money.


Any test will cost money :frowning:


I’ve seen you still have problems with your pc :confused: what ram do you have and what clockspeeds does it run at and what is it rated for?

I had 3000mhz Corsair ram that would let my pc crash if I ran it above 2400mhz or it would freeze random and other strange stuff the the ryzen 1700x and the mainboard I have the x370f asus strix really didn’t like the ram. So I tested the ram with memetest86 and no error but under Windows crash or freeze etc I even replaced my 650 w seasonic gold psu because I thought maybe that was the problem but nope.

So I bought new Trident Z gskill amd tested ram that is running 3200 mhz no problems and no crashes now since 3 months I was so confused.

I’m gonna link the post I made on too , games crashed on me too with device removed errors ^^


The ram is Crucial Ballistix Elite 4x4GB 2666 running at 2666. The ram is in the motherboard QVL list and that’s the reason I got it.
The system doesn’t freeze once in Windows. It freezes in BIOS or during boot…
My keyboard died, a mechanical keyboard, so I took my old keyboard and plugged it in. Today I had the same issue. It didn’t boot up until the 4-th try…
I have absolutely no idea what to do.
I have a plan to buy new PSU and just one stick of different ram and see… I just hope it’s not my CPU cause I can’t afford anything even close to it…