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Motherboard BIOS issue



I had very similar stuff happen to me on pretty much the same type of ASRock board. But it happened right from the start in my case. First gen ASRock AM4 low end boards all seem to be hit and miss at best.

I would try to return it and maybe even ask for something different for obvious reasons.


Honestly I’m considering it…
I don’t know what to get tho. I’ll write an email to the retailer and will see what will happen from there.
I wanted to flash BIOS, but the BIOS itself freezes and I don’t want to brick it while still in warranty.


buy a new board sent the current one back if you get your replacement which can take up to 1-2 months for rma you can sell the new board you bought or the new replacement you received :slight_smile: a idea :slight_smile:


I would just try to update the bios anyways.
Because in a worst case scenario you could brick the board.
However you can also update the bios from within windows.
So i would just try that.

The board might indeed be on its way out.
And idk if you eventually have some money to buy a new “decent” board.
Because given the fact that the AB350 pro4 board isnt really a great board to begin with,
(like pretty much all B350 boards).
It might now even be worth the time bothering with rma.


I cant really afford to buy even new B350Pro4, not to mention something better.
RMA is the fastest and easiest way for me to deal with the issue.

Afterwards it should boot into UEFI and load up sone stuff. If it freezes it bricks the board - RMA impossible.


I’m sending the board to the store I got it from tomorrow.
They agreed to take a look at it. Meanwhile I’ll be using my old Athlon 760K…


Its not likely your problem but there is a problem we call chip creep here, you might call it something else. Repeated heat cycles can cause the chip to flex and move enough that it can break contact and cause the system to appear to have issues. Reseating fixes this. I have seen it first hand. Its one of those weird rare things you almost never see.

Kind of a similar problem with threadripper where some people had to reseat their cpu multiple times before the system would post correctly.

Again, not likely to be related to your problem but it is a real thing.


Today I will take the system apart to send the board back to the retailer…
I can easily just re-plug everything and see what’s happening.
After all if it works fine I won’t have to send it to the retailer …


I dont know how you typically troubleshoot systems or your experience, but when I have a problem like this I always tear the system down to its bare necessities and add in a part at a time until it breaks. If it doesnt get better then I start swapping parts based on what I believe to be wrong.

Given that it seems to be freezing up during boot that would be my first steps.

I’m not trying to brag but I’ve worked in computer repair shops, I have my A+ cert (not that its worth much), and I’ve been building for well over a decade now. People usually bring things to me to fix. I’m far from the smartest person on this forum but I did learn from a few smart people over time. That method has always been my go to and it seems to work more often than not. Sometimes its a broken part, sometimes its a simple mistake, sometimes I dont find anything wrong and putting the system back together leaves it in a working state and I’m left scratching my head. Almost always I fix the problem or find whats wrong.

Spare parts are always nice to have on hand if you can try known good stuff too but I know you probably dont have anything you can really swap on this system.


Honestly I have nothing I can replace on the system. Everything I have are old incompatible parts I can’t use. If I could have used them they would have been in the system already.
My current system is kind of a mess… I didn’t take it apart honestly cause it was way too much work. I tried the cable/port thing, tried different USB ports for the peripherals… Same poop…
Now I basically need to take it apart, so now I can test with this approach.

So give results back in about 5 hours…


It’s definitely the motherboard. The moment
I plugged in the old one - it just started. No questions asked…

Now I hit another issue. The lan of the old board doesn’t want to work so I am left with no Internet on the PC…
It’s weird…

PS: Nope, it started by itself… Internet - achieved…


Oh for fox sake…


OEM license?
Then yup your activation will break.

How is your other board going? rma?


Well, I just sent it back today. My guess is I won’t get results next week either…
Maybe they’ll give me a better board for Christmas… No Idea. But as soon as I started the PC with the old board - it booted straight into Windows.
Now the 760K is way warmer than 1700X. I can’t say it’s hot since it is 53C, but the 1700X was under 50 in the summer, so… I’m surprised how warm the 760K is…


Yeah those athlon’s are notorious for running hot.


One more thing - Noctua NH-D14 is amazing… It cools better than the 240AIO I am having now…


Yeah its a great aircooler, however aircooler performance is also a littlebit depending on inside case airflow.
If your airflow is bad in the case in general, then the aircooler will also perform less well.
Atleast thats what i am experiencing if i compair the performance between my previous case and my current NZXT case with the same cpu aircooler.


Well, with the D14 during the summer I was getting 51-52C max… Now I run the Cooler Master and it’s 53 while playing games. Not a stress test or something. Absolutely the same system, case, everything… I just replaced the Noctua with the CM…
I’m very surprised…


Yeah some people even replaced stock fans that come with aio’s for Noctua fans.
Noctua coolers are really great, they look a bit ¨vintage¨, but other then that,
they are decent.
I’m personally not a huge fan of aio’s in general, however if i decide to upgrade to TR,
then i’m probablly better off with an aio.


Just get a 360… 240 ain’t worth it over what Noctua can offer.

Oh, I have one Arctic F12 and one CM stock fan with the AIO… The Arctic is both quieter, better looking, meaning fits my build and it moves way more air.
My other Arctic fan started rattling so got rid of it, bit I had two F12 Arctics…

Is X470 Master SLI any good?
It’s the only board I can say is some kind of upgrade and if they offer me a new board I am considering this one.
The 370 taichi is way too expensive and the B450 boards are all meh …