Memory OCing - 3600Mhz running at 1800Mhz (B-Die)

Wondering if anyone can help me solve why I am getting booting errors and lower than expected frequency.

DOCP is enabled (profile #1). Which I’m guessing is the preset profile that G.Skill set. First time booting, I got the American MegaTrends error…



I am using:

Asus TUF Gaming x570 PLUS

2x 8GB TridentZ NEO (F4-3600C16D-16GTZN) Cl16-16-16-36 1.35v (B-die).

Are you using the Ryzen D-RAM calculator?

I simply used the preset profile by G.Skill (AMD Optimized) to test the waters a little bit. I get the American MegaTrends error and pulled CPU-Z up to see what’s up.

Double Data rate aka 3600 no?


3600/2 = 1800

I’m not a pro with memory, but doesn’t DDR == Double Data Rate mean that this 1796MHz number is expected for 3600?


Either way, isn’t the OP saying that the system is unstable at 3600Mhz?

Yeah seems as expected to me

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Is it a Zen 3? I’m seeing reports of Zen 3 not doing over 3200MHz for some reason.

I have yet to have any serious confirmation yet though.

Guessing training issues? is the cpu overclocked?

Not enough voltage for the RAM? Maybe the mobo isn’t good enough? or OP lost the cpu sillicon lottery?

XMP profiles should be automatic. You shouldn’t need to overvolt from the profile.

See Latest in Lounge and this:

Should be but I would guess its more a CPU issue then ram, if its zen 3 could be bios issue as well

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Anyway OP should tell us what cpu it is, could be a poorly binned Ryzen 3600. Technically 3600mhz is not a supported speed.

The CPU is a Ryzen 7 3700X

It’s weird, I get random crashes now, I check the Event Viewer and it looks like DCOM 10016 is crashing it, due to the overclock? I just used the preset profile… not sure why its crashing because of that??

Sorry, what I mean with the 1800Mhz was that, shouldn’t it technically be overclocked above 3600Mhz with the profile I’m using on the TridentZ Neo.

Okay, highly recommend running a memtest.

CPUz displays half the speed because that’s the speed it actually runs at. That’s what the Double in Double Data Rate means. 3600mhz is actually 1800mhz. All is right in the world.

This is because ddr memory transfers data on both the rising and falling edge of the clock signal.

So a clock running at 1800mhz does 3600mhz of data transfers.

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I think it’s not uncommon that not every 3700X will run 1800mhz IF stable 1:1 3600mhz mem stable.

how the hell do you measure that? its based on your ram? Not directly reported

Also Zen 2 and 3 and the latest gen can decouple past 3200 MHz

You are looking for the F clock when measuring the IF

This exactly

FCLK is not UCLK

So OC is slight more complicated. I guess it will be interesting to see who includes it in their EFI.