LVL1 Fitness thread reboot

I think at least one was due to heart enlargement and that is common on gear. Another one or two of them they had clogged arteries, another common gear issue.

Gear aside I wonder if it’s a bias, meaning they are influencers so it gets attention but mathematically maybe it’s not atypical. X% can eat and excercise smartly and die early whilst a Y% can eat McDonald’s daily and idle around and live into their 90s…

Ordered more Jocko origin joint warfare - received the “Go” energy pills instead. The barcode sticker on it’s top says joint warfare so I’m thinking some derp mislabeled a whole pallet.

There is no returns or means to contact seller on Amazon so I just have to take the L…

EDIT. So if you use the Amazon AI help thing, then you can get a refund, but not via the GUI. I guess I’m a boomer I find that stupid.

According to multiple reports, Frey passed away suddenly in his sleep. The cause of death has not been revealed at this time.

I guarantee it’s sleep apnea.

That dude had a whole day dedicated to neck.


Forearms are a weird thing to get sore. :confused:

Aren’t they?

my forearms are fuckin dead after some killer DB lateral raises, it feels almost like carpel tunnel.

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I wasn’t even sure at first if it was wrist or forearm, but yeah it’s weird. Guess I should back off on the nickle and dimes a bit until things find their new balance.

Perpetual shin soreness is becoming hemostasis/I like it.

I hate running but now I enjoy it cause I like it flirting with shin splints and building up the bone.

The next day

Day after it was blue

Smart phone magic IMO reduced the bruising a lot, my shin looked more wrecked IRL.

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Bruises you can watch change colors like that within a few hours are pretty nifty in a sick and twisted kind of way.


I was an EMT, fuuuug those type lol

I wanna be like Buakaw when I grow up

He has a beautiful wai kru too

So yeah… I didn’t do that. Forearms still sore. :neutral_face:

Getting better though, I think.

Still a bit hit or miss, but it’s feeling like I got things back in order a bit more since school started. :yay:


It’s a new month. Time to begin again.

Let’s go. :metal:

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I have been turned into jelly, once again. :yay:

Trying out middle of the day workouts since it’s been difficult to do the usual morning routine since school started. It works, and makes for a nice break from work, but I’m finding it kind of stressful. I always feel like I’m not doing what I should be doing, so I’ll probably just keep it as a morning thing.



I do the mook jong dummy, and arm to arm training.
My forearms are like concrete now.
I think it just prevents excessive blood clotting.

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Interesting stuff.

I see peeps at the gym using this:



I would guess if you’re trying to combat joint or muscle pain, then you’ll need something that’ll go transdermal.

According to wikipedia there’s a laundry list of things Dit da jow might contain since there’s a million different formulations of it. :person_shrugging:

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YARN | Ancient Chinese secret, huh? | Wayne's World 2 (1993 ...


Hit legs haaard today. I’ll be walking funny for the next two days.

I’ve been hitting the sauna almost daily, I think I’m hooked.

Ohhh lawd just sitting down and getting up from the toilet…