LVL1 Fitness thread reboot

Brace for impact!

Yeah… you might have overdone it… :rofl:

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Turned into jelly.

Hmm, I should make that my new status.

@SgtAwesomesauce A little mod magic?


Now to do x3 10 min sauna sessions to see if that reduces the soreness

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Maybe? I actually don’t know how sauna would affect that after the fact. It’s not a bad idea in any case, so long as you don’t cook yourself and die.

It increases blood flow for the duration, thats for sure- I’ve had bicep tendonitis go away during and for a few hours after sauna.

Then the buzzword- heat shock proteins which maybe result in:

40% reduced death by Cardiovascular diseases ( CVDs )

66% less chance of getting diagnosed with dementia and alzheimers

Crazy numbers, I think more research must be done, but its pretty wild.

In our modern world of comfort we no longer have un-intentional spouts of fasting, nor spouts of overheating from having to run/jog repeatedly (hunter/gatherer) or when tending fields in a hot summer. There seems to be attributes to those activities our bodies have evolved around, count on, that we are now deficient in with filled refrigerator air conditioned couch life. It behooves us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable (at least for periods of time per day).

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The heat shock proteins are a thing for sure. That’s why it’d be a good idea if you’re sore or not.

I believe microdamage to the muscle is still the prevalent theory, or at least one of them for explaining DOMS. It would make sense there that increased blood flow could help, but I’m not sure if anyone has really nailed down the exact cause yet.

I’m assuming the immediate relief from the tendonitis is the 120-130 bpm and blood perfusion I get. The inflammation gets to settle down when plenty of blood and nutrients get to the otherwise poorly perfused soft tissues of tendons and ligaments. More so than a good jog does for some reason (maybe cause blood isn’t full of cardio byproduct like lactic acid).

Then I assume heat shock proteins are a factor in the more long term/over time attributes of sauna.

It’s a small investment IMO, be it for someone to use a local gyms, YMCA, or these little Amazon personal sleeping bag like units. I just lost a friend to a cardiovascular complication (clotting) and she didn’t even reach retirement yet.

Now I get why old farts seem to eat sauna time up when I used to go to 24hr fitness haha

That sucks dude, sorry to hear it.

Yeah it seems like the old dudes had things figured out a while ago, even if they didn’t know why. That plus the fact they clearly just don’t give a shit anymore probably helped. :rofl:




Not feeling it today…

…but let’s go. :metal:

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My legs are still sore, my Muay Thai partner texted asking if I’m still going today. With a sigh and some reservation o texted back “yes”.

It’s gonna suck, but we need increments of suck in our days.

Saturday is just another day to get after it.

Let’s go.

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A bit stiff this morning from yesterday’s workout. Took it easy today and just did some mobility stuff.

Speaking of which, if you’re not already familiar with it: go get you some shinbox action. :yay:

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Imma check that out. I’ll post what has been my jam before going to Muay Thai class

I want to start following knees over toes guys routines too

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My hips are already pretty open, but my lower back has been making some alarming noises since I made the shin box a regular thing here.

Alarming in a good way. :yay:

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Black Friday begins, but not with shopping. :yay:

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The foam roller is harsh.

Good, but harsh.

Excuse me while I writh in pain while trying not to fall on the floor.

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