LVL1 Fitness thread reboot

I’ve heard infrared saunas don’t really get hot enough to make those heat shock proteins kick in and start doing their thing, so yeah I’d probably look elsewhere also.


Sweet, the surge of infra ones might be bringing conventional pricing down haha

Dah fuk? So a minor sprain (?) From that toe jamming episode is just now showing bruising a week later? That normal?


I’m not sure how it works, but yeah I’ve had that happen also where the bruising seems way delayed like that.

… and I have been turned into jelly. Scratch another day off the calendar. :metal:


Roger, that’s reassuring.

Today I kicked a thick boy kicking bag for a good 40 min, then hit a sauna.

Bag was really soft, I got to go full send with no shin pain.


Watching the Channel Super Fun fight with Denis vs Linus, I realized cardio is most likely what I am missing. Dang it, cardio will take a lot more effort to improve than a few pushups a day. I would need to take time to jump, need to get myself a jumping rope and maybe some hand and knee weights that I can wear 23/7 (taking them off while showering).


Interval training is pretty good for cardio also. Fitness blender is a good youtube channel for that which has some pretty good videos on interval training at a variety of difficulty levels often with little or no gear required.

Be prepared to embrace the suck. :yay:

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Yeah, when I was in college, I had a 5:50 mile time, but now I’m up to 10 minutes. I can squat 385 for 3, but I can’t carry those thunder thighs across the finish line.

I’ve started doing 20 minutes of HR 170 cardio after my workouts. I’ll let you know if it helps.

I’m 29, FWIW, so while 170 is a bit high for me, I figure “get fit or die tryin”

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Max heart rate can vary a lot from one person to another also. Best way to figure out what your max is really is to just go until you feel like you’re going to die, measure it, and assume that’s close.

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I mean, I’ve been pushing past that “gonna die” feeling. Because I don’t feel shit afterwards. In fact (don’t tell my gf, I’ll never heard the end of it), I feel so much better after lifting+cardio than I do after lifting alone.


Yeah, I mean that’s kind of the whole idea behind things like HIIT and intermittent fasting. Good things can happen for you under extreme conditions, but only if you go far enough to make them happen.

The trick is to ackshually not die. Getting to total suck a few times a week is good. Doing so many squats you can’t sit down for three days afterwards, maybe not so good. :yay:

My peak fitness was when I was doing a progressive resistance (bro splits) lift + a 15-20 min cardio cap off. Those were the days… Low body fat %, amazing resting heart rate, felt amazing mentally and physically.

Bro splits keep calling me.

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Going full Jocko.

Let’s go.


I could never get into morning workouts, but I dig it on paper (good start of the day).

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It took me nearly two hours to get everything squared away so I could get out here. :neutral_face:

So yeah, that’s as big a reason to get started early as anything else, I guess.

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I bought 8 lbs of weights a few days ago for my arms and legs. I figured if I wear them the whole day, it should count as some exercise. And believe me, brushing my teeth, grinding coffee beans, picking up my coffee mug to drink and typing on my keyboard, all became a chore.

I wore them for 4 work days and now it’s the 5th day I have them. 2 days of the week I jumped rope with the weights on. Not the brightest idea, I felt tired immediately. If I want to improve cardio, I should jump without the weights for longer. But at least, as a passive exercise, it’s great. Even holding my phone up to talk gets me tired.

If you aren’t very active during the day, I would definitely recommend these. Don’t go overboard with them, 2 lbs for the arms at most. You want to be able to hold them all day, not get tired and want to remove them.

I’m thinking I should buy a weighted jacket or something, like some kind of body armor, but with weights instead of plates. Or maybe I’ll go full Cody and get myself a chain mail.

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While slowly returning to more core exercises I’ve started doing pull up bar leg raises.

Quick tip on those: You should wear pants with zippered pockets, or don’t have anything(like your phone) in your pocket when doing them… just saying. :neutral_face:


Remember to take at least one day a week off; as a rest day.

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I haven’t been pasting them here but I swear I’m seeing deaths like this in the news about once a week

Generation Iron Fitness Network: Bodybuilder Andreas Frey Has Passed Away At 43 Years Old.

Stay healthy peeps, avoid extremes on both ends. (Yes I’m making assumptions at the moment)

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Well that sucks. Any idea what’s up? I hate to speculate on the Internet about these kind of things, but it does make you wonder.