Linode protect home minecraft server ip? {solved}

Is it possible to use linode as a home minecraft server proxy? I dont want people knowing my ip, so I am looking at using linode. I though am fairly noobish in terms of linux and vps and all that. I am still learning so bare with me!


It should be possible. You can setup an openvpn servers on your linode, but you’ll also want to have a ddos protection rules over there for the WAN interface. Does linode allow you to install your own OS? You could just install one of the router OSes over there and then configure VPN server on that. I think this would be the easiest.


may be what i need?

ill see.

What I’d do is run a wireguard tunnel between your local machine and the linode server. From there, you can use haproxy to proxy the server.


socks5 servers can work too. Not sure about that lib as I never used it myself.

This might be better actually since SOCKS5 doesn’t encrypt traffic and therefore there is no extra CPU load.

Another alternative is to have iptables rules on your linode that would redirect minecraft port to your home IP. However, in this case all of your users will have linode IP address. Not sure if SOCKS5 allows retaining original IP of the user.

I might have to have you or dynamic help me with this.

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haven’t tried them myself, but there was an easier wirguard

tut by Ryan / Twindelll

Self-hosted VPN with wireguard

and a more wordy guide by Heim:

Infrastructure Series -- Wireguard Site to Site Tunnel

so you just need Sarge to do a HA Proxy guide?

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He knows more about haproxy than me.

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I didn’t think haproxy did minecraft?

I use a wireguard tunnel from the minecraft server to the VPS, then proxy it out via velocity.

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Thanks for the drop. That’s a good way to do it and pass it through a proxy. Wireguard is the best for that purpose.

If help is needed with that part @Argone hmu

I’m not sure on the specifics of ha-proxy myself I highly recommend nginx for the task since minecraft is just a stream or static serving of dynamic content over a stream. Ha-proxy is fine though

Why wouldn’t it? It’s a protocol load balancer. If it can handle a TCP stream, it should be able to handle minecraft.

Nginx is way better suited to setting up tcp streams with ease if I’m honest. Especially after I’ve done so much fricken work with it lol

Lots of great documentation is another plus. Nginx are the best docs I know of

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do you either of you have time to help me get this stupid wireguard setup ive been working on it for a while now.

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Yeah after my workout man. Gotta get the self love done. When are you available?

i do. do you want to ge ton discord?

See above

Most of the days. through this week (spring break)

Later this afternoon I’ll be on. About 1.5 hrs from now. I’m tango time (MST) btw.

I guess why I’m out getting my workout done I suggest you read through my thread just so you have a working familiarity so I’m not like referencing it and you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I hate it when I went through it the first time too because wire guard was a little abstract for me. Just understanding that there’s not really one central key exchange is part of the process. It’s not a server client VPN it’s a peer-to-peer

What’s your discord handle and I will hit you up when I’m done

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I am going to grab a shower and do somethings. Message me on discord. Ill hear the ping.

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