Fair play.
The cats are probably still sleeping anyway.


Did someone say cat?


Well 15(Samojed then )…13 years for the Japanese Akita… Them can even be older and about 18 for the Samojed. Who want to like cats :wink: Polardogs.





My cat doesn’t approve of notmycat

And no my door isn’t so dirty it’s opaque, it just isn’t sealed anymore and the rain fogged it over :kissing:


Rather, it looks like “going out and having a new friend.” :slight_smile:

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Y’know I thought that too at first, but nope, that was wrong :rofl: That’s apparently the “open this door so I can maul that thing” maneuver. She has the same reaction to the opossum when it shows up at night.

Mycat is a bit fat but notmycat only has three functioning legs, so it’s a pretty even match which one is faster.

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Everything in my neighborhood is huge, a old picture from my sister. The white volvo was find on another places then it was parked… Fresh grass. Working horses and as I have publish about Polar dogs(working) earlier.

Find a horse transport for that size :slight_smile:



Talk to your local butcher
You can often get meat trimmings for pennies on the pound if not free
grind with spinach, lettuce, peas, beets and pasta
Boil the mixture ( 40 % meat, 30 % pasta, 30% vegetables) with a little water
It Makes a rich gravy that cats or dogs love.

Spinach and lettuce = vitamin k
Peas or lima beans = lisine for kidney function
Beets = natural glucose
Pasta or rice = starch / carbs

My choice for my cats is pasta, liver,and peas
(Add a tbsp of catnip to the pot)
I do about 2 quarts at a time.

Many anti inflamatories cause a lot of problems for dogs and cats .
While thc may be helpful its unsure in the animals side affects.
Cbd oils do help but you must follow the vets directions to the letter.
Glucosamine condrioton suplements also have wonderful results.

Research and avoid or limit foods that can cause uric acid buildup in the joints

I just hang out with my neighbors’ cats.

Yeah, doxing myself. Don’t care. Whatcha gonna do? Steal my neighbours cats?


one can never have too many cats :smile_cat: piccie #14, the almost-blep, more of a mlem!

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They’ve all passed away or moved out though. The first picture is probably 20 years old :slight_smile:
Google Photos

This was Olle. He ran away 10-15 years ago. He loved being at my place. We were both up all night and went to bed in the morning. I could hear him snore under my bed.
Google Photos


olle :hearts:… i wish cats could live as long as people do, i guess the same for dogs too. Just because he ran away doesn’t mean he didn’t love you… maybe something spooked, or some other cat drama made that happen.


Often when a cat runs away is because of 3 things, trauma, mating instinct and sensing their own time.
People rarely understand the psycological effect that heat and rut has on an animal
The overwhelming affect of raging hormones will force an animal to do things they normally avoid.
Abnormal aggressiveness is commonplace.
Anyone who has ever observed male deer or sheep knows exactly the meaning of " thinking with the wrong head"

When their lifes end is nearing its sad to see.
While they may not understand what is happening they are uneasy or frightened and will run away seeking a safe place only to die alone.

Sunset verbena
And Conni (conejita).


Or horses 4 that matter… eep! :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

Tru tho… even though it’s heartbreaking, animals are more in touch with their animal side than we are…I know that sounds silly but we forget sometimes we’re supposed to be animals too, we’re no better.

“Oh no! A scary trench!”



Was saying the occasional awkwardness of fixing up a winter coat for a stallion that got the leg straps tangled and then he decides to assert his dominance by doing something cringe that is too cringe to say…

And heh we’ve had more than a few horses that go Cray with seeing moth, horses can be very weird, just like people :blush:

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Empty plastic bags, small ponds, oh, and houses can be scary too :smiley:


Blinders/blinkers exist for a reason… but good horses with good training and good people, thems bombproof 99% of the time!

But that 1%…

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