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Level1 News podcast feed not working


The podcast feed for Level1 News hasn’t been updated since September 11th and its associated audio appears to be corrupted.

Level1 News November 28 2018: Ceci n'est pas un Bitcoin | Level One Techs

@wendell (I don’t use this so cant say if its working on not)


I’ve posted about this bug some time ago.
Please have a look, if you need more details:


I’ve also posted about it a few times:


I wonder why they don’t have any interest in fixing it. It enables offline listening and use with any podcast player.


I think it was fixed a few times in the past. It seems to keep breaking.


The feed got fixed back in April and again in September, but that’s been quite a while since it’s been fixed, and even when it was fixed the mp3’s have been malformed for a very long time now.

Podcast feed is not proper processed with android or itunes

I have a funny feeling it may partially be due to lack of time with other commitments and the site being rebuilt. but ive no insight on that.

when its fixed, i think it would be good to have the rss feed, and also the audio feed submitted to itunes (this propagates some other podcast feeds).

That’s my suggestion.

Maybe in the mean time a community version should be made. i might look at that after Christmas if its not already.


The podcast still has not updated since Sep 11th 2018.


Google has launched its own podcast player:

Which works very nice and autodetect L1 podcast.

But still nothing new since Sep 11th 2018.

is this known by Wendel and the team?


The podcast feed works universally with every podcast player. Let’s not let Google ruin it with their proprietary crap. The whole purpose of the podcast feed (based on RSS) is to give us the freedom to choose our own podcast player.


If anyone is interested, you can use PodSync to turn the YouTube channel into a podcast:


this might finally be fixed if the most recent episode of the news is working


The february episodes now have audio attached to them. March episodes haven’t been added to the playlist yet and on the February episodes the audio is still malformed, not allowing seeking.


I added last week’s… let’s see if the machine works now


Don’t see anything yet…


They seem to stop playing after the first 5mins and then stalls out. -Pocketcasts says it can’t play this media file.

Seems to be the same behaviour as last time things broke if I remember correctly!


I am able to seek and stuff on yesterday’s news?


On my phone I can seek with VLC for android and in my Samsung internet browser, I can’t test it in antennapod because it isn’t in the RSS feed.

On Windows 10: VLC, foobar2000, and firefox all refuse to play the file at all. Audacity plays it, but as 2 seconds of screeching. Groove Music plays it fine and seeking works.


The player plays, but plays with no audio on safari on iOS 12.