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Level1 News podcast feed not working


thats weird, I have audio and it works fine on android. I wonder if I need to transcode the mp3 to like 128-bit circa 1999 formats to make every player happy…


what sort of parallel universe are we in where groove music player is fine but vlc doesnt work… thats… odd.


I am noticing on CastBox on Android the stalling after 10 minutes or so is still a thing. I listen to other podcasts like Brian Lundukes and they play all the way through fine so I don’t think its the App.

It shows as buffering forever with no end. Tried multiple recent news eps now and all the same.


which episode? last weeks?


Hi Wendell
Most recent one (In terms of release) I’ve tried is March 5th 2019: You can tell by the way I use my walk…