Podcast feed is not proper processed with android or itunes


I tried today to setup the level1 podcast on my Android Phone with the app castbox via this RSS feed:

Unfortunately only 74 Episodes are listed, last is the one from the 11th of September 2018.

The strange thing is, that when I check the feed itself I can see recent entries.

The last one I can see in the rss is “Level1 News February 26 2019: A Wrinkle in Samsung Patron Edition”

I also tried it with iTunes, as the feed has a lot of iTunes tags… Unfortunately the same issue.

A quick forum search revealed that I’m not the only one with the issue:

So I hope that creating a new post helps to create the required attention to the issue.

would be great if @wendell and team could have a look to the issue or give an advice what I may do wrong.

thanks in advance,

The slight discrepancy in the latest podcast shown is because the recent entries added to the RSS feed have no audio at all attached to them.

From my second post there:

I’m not sure if my theory is correct or not, but I’m sticking with it for now. :slight_smile: