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Level1 Musicians


I'd have to agree, as I love modular synthesizers. I've been wanting to mess around in a game engine just for fun. To make a 2d platformer all cyberpunk like making it a love letter to the platformers of old that I grew up playing and loved. Since I'd keep the theme 80's retro the Transmissions albums work well with it, but my only problem would be getting permission to do so. If I did get permission to do so I'd have a little spaceman Klayton floating in the background as a nod to him lol.


Klayton licenses his music so it can be used in videos games, movies, and the like. I'd be willing to bet that if you asked him if you could use some of his music in a video game he'd be all for it.


Since the theme is 80's retro I bet he'd love it lol


He definitely would, lol.


I think the best way to start the first level is with Metropolitan. Energy and excitement to start everything off since the world is different and new to the player. Might as well get 'em pumped to go through the first level lol.


And since some of the levels would take you to space I thought The Halls of Valhalla has a nice space feel to it. If you're in the vendor area using the currency of the game, and since there is no combat in the vendor area I can choose one of the slower more relaxed songs.


The idea this time, thought showing first glimpse from my World of Warcraft mess. There is still some hard re-listening & re-playing to do but this is how it begins, least for me. :D



By the way, how exactly is it do you go about linking audio files the way you did? Can't figure out how to do it, lol.


I'm just using dropbox link, the forum does rest although you need to change dl=0 to dl=1 so the player works.


Now that we're talking about chiptune, I might as well share this. It is my first ever original chiptune song.


Yay more chiptune!!


This is really good. Nice.


Even though I know it was over, but did anyone here go to Moogfest?


I wish I could have.


I know I wish I could of too. Since Klayton and Gary Numan were there, as well as a few others. I was the next major city over from where it was, but sadly didn't have the money to go :(


Hopefully I'll have the means to go next year.


Same here, as that is twice I've missed out on meeting Klayton. Since the first time was during the Live Upon a Blackstar tour.



A while ago his label had a position open for helping with sound design. I ignored it since I don't live in Detroit (though I'm somewhat close), but now I'm kind of regretting it, lol.


Yeah, I looked into the position as well. I was a few states over. I'm regretting it as well. Kinda wishing I took the chance to try to apply just to see what would of happened lol


But it's too late to look