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This is about the closest I could find to my idea.


Can you automate that kaossilator and can you bind them? If yes then you could do it simply by switching patterns on/off when you need to. Another way would be putting one profile to zero so it works as clean guitar.


If I ever get a hold of it I'll find out.


Hello. Just joining the conversation here.

My musical ""story"": I started out with LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio), and that was my DAW for close to a year, that's where I learned the basics of how a DAW works from a few tutorials and playing around in the software. After I got tired of LMMS' not-so-polished state, I switched to FL Studio and I've fallen in love. Apart from the insane amount of RAM it wastes when recording long audio tracks, it's perfect for me. My first year with FL I was a complete shithead, only trying to make more mainstream crappy techno and later crappy house music. While I did eventually manage to make some good stuff within these genres, I also ended up seeing how shallow the music was. Now, ~4-5-ish years later I'm mediocre at guitar, piano, drums, and I'm using actual recordings instruments in my music, in combination with huge-ass sample libraries that take up even more RAM (Yaay...). Mostly I stick to composing orchestral music, but I never stop myself from playing around with trap, chiptune, future bass, ambient, chill, D&B etc.. I've got way too many aliases over the years and I'm about to start another one. Genious. Anyways, thanks for reading and giving a shit. :)


Just realized I haven't posted how I came to be a musician lol.

Well for starters I have always had an interest in the guitar, for as long as I can remember (since before I started preschool). I never really dabbled with it until we had a unit in music on the guitar. I picked it up extremely quickly (yup I'm what most would call a natural). When I was about 13 my grandma took my brother and I to walmart and gave us each $50 that we pooled together and got ourselves a crappy first act guitar. From there I began learning some basic songs that sounded cool (thunderstruck, holy diver, etc.) but it wasn't until I watched Iron Maiden's 'Rock in Rio' that I became engrossed in the music (which is the reason Iron Maiden is my favorite band and also what started me learning how to play a ton of their riffs and melodies). Since then I still haven't taken any lessons and barely have a grasp on music theory but most people who hear me play say I'm the best guitarist they've heard. Personally, I always felt that I had way more to learn than most people realize (particularly how to subdue my urge to shred in order to fit a song better as well as a number of techniques like sweep picking, multiple finger tapping, more creative ways to use scales, arpeggios, etc.). I've now been playing guitar for 9 years, been in a few bands though not right now (since most people have never heard of power metal and even if they have even fewer are able to play it) and I'm always looking to learn more ways to better myself as a musician.


The guitar was my first instrument. I learned by looking stuff up on YouTube. Did that for a year, made a lot of progress. Took actual lessons, and hated it.


Same here. About 14 years ago I started out with lessons for about a month and then ditched them. At the time I was already into things like metallica and other tip-of-the-iceburg metal bands, so lessons were rough because we were learning little diddys and things that sounded like nursery rhymes. I ended up just going the tablature route and using the internet. I don't play too much any more, but I do wish I had time to take proper lessons now and learn musical theory.


I have the basics of music theory down. Oddly enough, I started to understand theory when I started producing, lol.


Yeah it was tablature that we used in music class that let me know i could actually play. Once i understood how to read it (took like 2 seconds lol) I began learning more intensive stuff like maiden.


I feel I really need to get back to guitar again. I've lost interest partially because my jamming buddy doesn't play anymore. Secondly, I need to find a distortion pedal that I actually like. I bought a Metal Muff and it is decent but it's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm playing a Peavey V Type EXP through an HT-1 Blackstar amp. Good sound I just need some decent gain. Thinking maybe active humbuckers might be what I'm looking for.

I started learning back in 2002. I heard Iron Man on the radio and I thought, "That, I want to play that." After learning some SOAD, Metallica, Slayer, Testament, and Megadeth I tried picking up more on scales and faster playing. Practicing stuff from The Black Dahlia Murder. I took lessons for 2 years when I was starting and I kept that knowledge. I only know one scale though but a lot of songs are based off it. Makes improv playing a little easier.

I do have an acoustic and was working on finger picking. I don't pick it up as often as I should. Cars and computers have been my interest at the moment.


Witcher thing this time.


@Nurmi I like it. Is that the same drum samples from the dragon age one? Well I got a hold of the demo version of FL Studio. I managed to work on a song I got the rough idea for the intro and did a small work of the ending, but as I was working on the middle of it. The UI began to crash...I had no choice but to save the project and just wait till I get the full version.


@S1r3n Yup, can't do it.

Bass & drums have always been really difficult for me, even with samples best I can do is cut & resize tries. The whole thing doesnt just click and I really cant seem to understand it. The only way I can do bass is having it as lead, but then its just different kind of guitar with more steep craters in fingers.

Tbh, feels like all the things from where I've missed the key thing, then it all clicks as whole.. :D


I've tried my best to do drum programming of varying genres, and some I can and can't do. Since a 4x4 beat is the easiest, but anything offbeat is difficult for me to do. Let alone trying to get it right as I want it.


Yes drums are very difficult to get how you want... particularly if you're like me and have no drumming experience. Which is one of the barriers to me recording stuff since the guitar parts i make warrant the use of some pretty intricate drum parts.


I've thought about recently about making Chiptune/Old 80's/Early 90's arcade music. I miss those days of that type of music...though to say there is nothing wrong with game soundtracks of today, as I love the soundtracks of Castlevania Curse of Darkness, Devil May Cry, Dark Cloud, Halo, Heavy Rain, and I could go on and on.


Speaking of chiptunes, check this out:


I like it reminds me of the good ol' days.


I know it's somewhat not on the same genre, but what do you think of the Transmissions Vol. 1-3 @HEXcellerate?


Love 'em. Great programming music. Also great to relax to (for me, at least), or for creeping out family members.