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This thread will be a place for the musicians of the Level1Techs community (producers, rappers, bands, instrumentalists, singer/songwriters, etc.) to share their music, talk about all the gear they use (instruments, DAW's/other recording software, speakers/monitors, audio interfaces/DAC's/ADC's/sound cards, microphones, headphones, synthesizers, MIDI controllers, modular gear, PC specs, etc.), give and receive advice to other musicians, and just talk about anything related to being a musician. If you have no musical talent whatsoever and just want to hear music from the community, this thread is for you as well.

If you're new to being a musician, or considering taking up music, ask your questions here, as well.

As for me, I'm a producer. My music project is called HEXcellerate, as you may have guessed already. You can listen to my stuff here, or here, or here. I'm somewhat all over the place in terms uf the kind of music I make (I've done trance, synthpop, chiptune, and orchestral stuff, and I want to go even further than that). The DAW I use is FL Studio. I currently don't own any fancy audio interfaces, speakers, headphones, a high-end PC, or anything like that, but I intend to rectify that error in the future.

As far as instruments go, I play guitar (which is actually where I started off when I decided to take up music), bass, piano and drums, and in the future I'll incorporate some of that in my music. I own a low-end Ibanez guitar (which doesn't sound too bad for what it is), a strat-style Jay Tursur guitar (bet you've probably never heard of that brand), a low-end Epiphone Les Paul, an Estaban electric-acoustic and a Casio WK-200 keyboard that I use as a MIDI keyboard (fun fact: all of my guitars are missing high-e strings, :P). I want to get a guitar from Schecter.

I now leave the floor to all of you.

Any Musicians Here?

When I was enrolled in my high school, I relied solely on the Electronic Music lab for my compositional work. I don't have any equipment of my own (poor), so I used theirs. Really nice stations, too. Approx. $25k spent on each. Mac Desktops with OS X, full keyboard MIDI controllers, Logic Pro X, pedal, really nice DWS altogether. I spent two years in total in that class and learned a lot. We did a lot of projects throughout the two years. I actually did a cover of Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" for the first project of the second year after having learned a lot (relatively, the teacher wasn't that in-depth with teaching us how to fully manipulate what we had at our disposal to create high-quality music). It was rather amateurish, but, given that I wasn't entirely experienced with the piano or the software I was using, and everyone in the class was constantly under a huge time crunch (I probably had 4 hours total to make the song before having to present it and move on), I was quite proud of it.

I'm a vocalist and that's what I studied throughout the four years I spent at that school. I can pretty much sing any male part except the lowest of bass parts and I made All-State four years in a row, with the last year being in the Sight-Reading chorus. Quite happy about that. I also had recording classes, music theory, music history, vocal tech, and of course, electronic music classes while I was at that school. I feel that it was a pretty wholesome experience and it helped me a lot. Now I'm out of that school and, although I was convinced throughout the first three years that music was my calling and that was what I was going to do for the rest of my life, I'm probably going to be going into the CS and computer fields because I ultimately do want to have a stable life and make a good deal of money and that doesn't coincide well with music. Oh well. It'll always be a great pastime and I'll still go out of my way to be in choruses throughout the years. A lot of people make fun of chorus music, but it can be extremely fulfilling to be a part of.

Anyways, that's my life story for you.


Not entirely true. You can absolutely do both and still have a stable life.

A lot of what Queen did was chorus, and they had so many hits it filled 4 discs. I think chorus has a huge place in mainstream music, and not enough people actually use it properly.


Finally. I play the acoustic guitar right now. I plan to eventually play the electric guitar. That sucks that the previous thread was taken down due to a name... but I'd rather not start a flame war.


I don't think I've come across a vocalist here in the community.... Impressive.




Hello, as for myself. I do vocals/vox, songwriting, guitar, bass, piano, drums/drum programming (for the most part).

I tend to seek to learn any intrument that fascinates me.


I know what you mean. I actually want to take up the violin (I blame Lindsey Stirling for that).


i am a 100% amateur, but i love music. I NEED to play my guitar daily. I have it next to my computer, and i pick it up when i wait for games to load. I was at my cousins, and i unconciously went to grab my guitar when a game started to load.... i felt like an idiot XD

I have an old broken Squier Strat, a Peavy amp, and a cheap 5-for-$6 clip on lav mic. I use Audacity to record, but i am a super noob. the tracks record out of sync, due to latency, so i have to manually eyeball and move the tracks in to position.

Regardless, when i get something in my head, i like to record it, and often expand on it. Only been recording with multiple tracks for about a couple months now, and i am loving it. I one day hope to get a custom Carvin guitar.

Here is a little recording, my latest. Totally messing around with the Audacity effects lol.


dat background noise

Keep on rocking, Jukebox Hero.



Edit: Yes I'm aware it stops suddenly. I'm going to fix it once I finish my ESXi work.


Did you intend to make it stop suddenly without any hint of proper resolution?


No, that's a sound cloud issue. I need to rebounce the track and reupload.


Aight. Otherwise, great. Hell, I'd use it in my YouTube channel if I actually had the resources to make videos.


Posted about my father in the old thread, I'll leave this here again just for the record.

He plays the guitar and sings tenor on this track:

Bits of his more recent work can be found here:

I do vocals as well, but not on anything that has been released yet.


Since we're all entertainers, how good of a shot is this in terms of, say, advertising yourself for a musical performance, like a solo act?


Emile Autumn is who made me want a violin after a friend of mine showed me her music


yeah, not only does my amp have reverb hum, the cable sucks, and i am using a cheap lav mic that cost $1.20 lol


This is really good.

Back when I used Audacity, I had an aux cord and had it plugged into my guitar amp and to the laptop I was using at the time, so that the signal from the amp wold go straight to Audacity.


Not too bad. I think the photo needs more contrast, however.