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Yep, lol.


I dug it. To me it sounds like the synth leads get a bit buried by the low end at times but otherwise it's a cool track!


I have a new track I've been messing around with. It's kind of a heavier style of a poppunk song.


Sounding great, man. Loving the production.


Thanks man! I'm still debating on whether it could use a bit more low end.



Yeah, I agree. Gonna fix that later.


I remember lusting over the 3120 in the Musicians Friend catalog back in high school... I've came across a few times recently and it's just as awesome looking as I remember! The only thing that's held me back is the trem... not a floaty trem kinda guy.


Just screw one of these bad boys on there and it's a fixed bridge. :)


Not sure if it was mentioned already, but Ibanez has an RG with the Korg Kaoss pad. They go for cheap on eBay!


I was just poking around your SoundCloud..... are you also a member of Rig-Talk? Your "Amp Mixes" track instantly sounded familiar. I guess it could be coincidence and you're playing a riff from a song I've heard... but the tones, and the fact one was a Madison Divinity was just too big of a coincidence! If you are from RT - I'm going to guess that track is much older than the upload suggests?


Yeah I am actually. I never posted those clips on there though I don't think. I just did a little search. I'm always buying up stuff over there. Those guys have some awesome gear.


Finished "Commodore Knights" (ran into issues trying to embed a player, so here's a Google Drive link):

It will be on my soundtrack record Dimensions Vol. 01.



Still couldn't access the file for some reason. :/


Damn it. Let me try this again.


That worked for some reason haha. Downloading now.


Think it needs singer, do you have any of them singing voices?


Dude, that sounds amazing! I love the punch of the drums.

@HEXcellerate, avoid uploading raw .WAV files. Use something like FormatFactory and convert it to .FLAC or maybe .MP3.


Finally got a chance to listen to it andI dig it man.
I'm not really used to listening to this kind of stuff but I like it and it'd be cool to give it a try one day.
Here's a few thing I just took note of.
It seems like it starts off pretty slow and you probably could have got away with cutting like 15-30 seconds out of the beginning. The melodies are sweet and you have cool transitions. I think that the actual beat behind the leads could have been reinforced a bit more and maybe having bit more punch would make the song flow better.

Definitely keep it up! :)


It's all me right now so no because i have an awful voice lol but I totally agree with you and had vocals in mind for the song from the start. If anyone want's to collaborate and lay vocals down over it that'd be awesome!
Thanks man! I definitely think the guitars are bit harsh and the drums/bass could use more low end. I'll be adding more too it soon.


AVC, Any Video Converter converts from anything to anything, and really anything like even bluray video to flacs.

Nice, I had hard time figuring out how to say that and I wrote it like half hours.. :D