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Level 1 Gains


Fair enough. I’ve never been a huge soda person - never did like the fizziness - other than in alcohol as a mixer. And basically the solution for that was to switch to soda water for a mixer with vodka and lime, etc. or just drink better quality spirits on the rocks…

Giving up pasta, and bread is the trickiest for us. The girl likes to cook pasta with heavy cream, bacon, etc. so her cooking was like “keto plus carbs” before. Haha.

I’ve always been inclined more towards meat and vegetables.

Also, i think the food over here is less loaded with fructose and other shit than in the stats (Australia - it’s not as bad but still bad).

  • bunch of Fat :pray:

i think thats mostly true for actual food and not processed food that you buy and “add” to your meal or only need to heat up for eating. that stuff is pure shit in every country.


Also a co-worker who is really fit and into health and such; i talked to him about keto and such; he said that its very difficult to do it for a long time (in regards to social events and such) but its very good for loosing weight because protein needs up to 18 hours to be fully digested and fat, oils all that good stuff is way denser in calories than anything else. So the combination is really good for weight loss.


I think if you combine keto with intermittent fasting then if there’s nothing appropriate to eat, just fasting isn’t a massive problem because your body flicks over easily to body fat.

That’s what i plan on doing if i can’t find anything decent for lunch at work, or don’t take something keto friendly, etc.


I might try intermittent fasting, but i do workout in the morning and after that i need something to eat. there is no way around that. so i have a shake (milk, peanut butter, half of a banana so about 10g-20g carbs, mct oil and linseed oil) i tried once without the shake… not good.

so working out in the morning is really good but not eating til noon is no option for me right now.


It can be done, maybe you aren’t fat-dependent enough yet or something?

My sister started keto/paleo a couple of years back and can fast for 3 days. And she works out during those days… she’s a machine. buff as fuck, 6 pack abs, etc.


maybe its because im not deep into ketosis and the mechanics to burn body fat, could easily be.

she won the genetic lottery! i know some girls who are into fitness and to drop down to so little body fat is more than tough for women.

GG to her!



She’s similar genetics to me.

I don’t think it’s genetics. She works out hard. She eats right. She wasn’t always like this.

She’s had 3 kids and is 39. Only in the past 18-24 months has she gotten so buff.


thats genetics + workout and diet. im pretty sure about that, but thats a blessing! good for her and good for you!

I put on muscle very quickly but im super slow at loosing weight, takes a bunch of time to loose any amount. I guess thats the farm worker genes at work :joy:

and than there are people who cant put on weight and cant put on muscle while eating and working out like mad, really puts things into perspective.


Recent facebook photo (cropped) to show you what i mean



thats impressive for a female.

well, for a guy its also impressive but i guess all the gym rats have screwed that perception.


I know what she was like as a teen and as an adult from a few years ago.

Nothing like that.

She was never big as in fat, but a little chubby after the kids.

Saw that photo posted and was like “holy fuck, are we even related??”



Tuna salad with feta and mozarella and a bunch of olive oil and mct oil


I would advise against keto for fat loss. It’s not the easiest diet at all. It just happens to be trendy these days. People shouldn’t avoid complex carbs just because they’re carbs. A whole bunch of vegetables is the easiest and healthiest way to feel full without consuming a lot of calories. Salad, son. Eat a ton of salad with your meat.


You are better off having black olives instead. Olive oil has a lot of saturated fat. Do not debate me on this or you are a vegan commie.


I go out of my way to find out what the animals I eat are being fed. Because a lot of animal feed has soy in it. And soy is not something people with epilepsy can eat. Because of the type of protein chain that it is.


if you expect me to not revolt against what you wrote you’ll have to explain: saturated fat and black olives my dude




in that case fuck you, fuck black olives and fuck saturated fat.


Guess you cant eat salmon anymore.


what the hell are you talking about?