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Level 1 Gains


Respectfully i know too many people personally who have had success with it to agree with you.

Also, vegetables are keto compatible.


Why are you eating wheat if you are doing keto?


Steak dinner as always


Of course they’ve had success. Pretty much every diet works if you stick with it. But you shouldn’t look at dieting as something temporary. I’ll let Jeff explain:


Hopefully you have type O blood to properly consume beef.


let me guess, black olives would be better.




I am not your nutritionist. But you should really consider everything with what you eat. But all I can say is stay away from sugar wheat and alcohol all together.



I do

I am.


Yeah, cutting sugar out of my life has been so good.

Next up is alcohol.

I dunno if I can do wheat tho.


White flour is bad too. All of that stuff will end up sticking to your lower intestines. Causing you to be really sick and sluggish.


yep, I just lost my appetite


Look at these lazy assholes, they’ll do anything to avoid leg day.


aka Worst Day.

Leg day is terrible.


Was running on the treadmill and wacked my hand on the center controls felt my finger getting sticky and I was thinking “heh heh would be funny if there was blood on my hand”
Yep cut my knuckle a little bit. Got the blood and sweat. Guess tears of happiness will come later down the line.


But everyday is leg day.


Who said i was?

I’m making the changes to just not eat carbs. I cut sugar out a year ago or more, cutting wheat and other shit filler food like potatoes, corn, etc. isn’t difficult (if you don’t have cravings for it, and i don’t; i’ve always considered potato, etc. to just be filler).

Keto = fresh non-starchy vegetables, meat, healthy oils/fats.

The difficult thing to get rid of from your diet (as in, what you eat, not a temporary thing) is bread as far as I see it. Because sandwiches are convenient.

But there are low carb breads available, and you can just use something else. Last night for example i had tuna, mayonnaise (whole egg, proper mayo), avocado cheese wrapped in lettuce. Tasted pretty great, very few carbs.

Bread is just filler anyway.

If you get rid of sugar, high starch vegetables and wheat based products, you’re 99% of the way there. Instead of eating filler like break you can eat something tastier and that keeps you feeling “not hungry” for longer.

e.g., this morning, its 10:30, i’ve done a bike ride and haven’t eaten yet. I had a keto coffee with the girlfriend before she left for work (essentially a long black with some ghee and coconut oil in it), but that was to show her how tasty they actually were (had my first one yesterday and was shocked at how nice it was, expected it to be gross).

Could have easily not had that. Don’t feel hungry. Last meal was about 8pm last night, like 14 hours ago. Will delay eating until i am. Have lost 2+ kg since Jan 1st.


I’m not?


Back at it again



Espresso with heavy cream and MCT Oil is really really good!