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Level 1 Gains


Yeah, that’s good.

Someday I’ll have someone who doesn’t call me a fat fuck every day. I’ll either be not a fat fuck, or I’ll get a better girlfriend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, sounds like you’ve definitely got a keeper.


Hell yeah brother.
Down 15 lbs since October.
Currently 223.4 lbs
Back in august was 255.8.
16.6% body fat wooooo
Although lost about 8 lbs lean weight. Will need to make sure I am getting more protein in the evening.


It’s probably the most effective strength and mass building programs.

And any alcohol will kill your gains. So don’t drink.


Sister is updating my work out plans.
Doing drop sets. Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.


Any recommendations on fitness trackers?


What are you looking to track? For simply cardio time and sets/reps, fitnotes is pretty good.

Oh, also, what platform?

There’s also MyFitnessPal, which is more SaaS model, so you get the whole “I’m going to log all this data about your personal life to a zero-day affected database that’s got a public IP endpoint” problem.


I was thinking more along the lines of devices like the Fitbit but I’m not familiar with this arena. I’m looking to monitor heart rate, sleep, etc.

I have enough things to track throughout the day, I just try to stick to a proper diet rather than count calories. I’m trying to gain weight anyhow.

(My grandma is asking me what I want for Christmas)


iOS or Android?

Android, use Fitnotes. No frills tracker for weight training and fitness.
iOS, use Strong. Same as above.


Ah, yeah. Fitbit is good for heartrate and sleep. I used it for a bit, but got paranoid about the monitoring.

I agree. That’s why I just use fitnotes to graph sets/reps and hours on bike.


I’ll only be wearing it for exercise and sleep so I’m not too concerned. I’m just interested in seeing my heart rate live while working out


Second breakfast for today.

Getting ready for some hardcore furniture moving.


Listen up y’all flaggot retards:






Whats your excuse huh?





I’ve started KETO on jan 1st. The trigger was hitting above 100kg again. I’ve dropped 10-15 kg a couple of years ago (back down to 88) by just not having alcohol at home and eating more meat, but this time trying to actually follow a plan.

Will see how it goes.

So far, so good. It is difficult to replace bread, but so far the taste has been great and i’ve dropped some of the retained water. Dropped 1-2kg in 3 days. 183cm, 103kg this morning.

Myself and my girlfriend are trying to stick under 20g of carbs per day.

Haven’t just been eating steak…

  • egg muffins
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • olives
  • asparagus
  • cheese
  • bacon


I did try to start in december and made an effort until about the 15th but then just gave up because christmas food and day drinking…


You don’t have a calculator on your watch. Come back when you are serious.


i bought this cheap casio after someone posted the calculator edition and i had to have at least a tiny casio. the calculator one is just baller.

Its always difficult to replace any macronutrient that the body is used to digest and to switch to something completely different, but it works after a while and the cravings will vanish.

I found that i only have serious cravings when i haven’t had enough to eat i.e. too little fat / calories than the craving for sugar and carbs are crawling back.

Otherwise im feeling pretty good.



For me its not the cravings at all.

Its literally habit. Sandwiches. Require bread, or something to contain the goodies.

I’ve tried to make a couple of Keto breads but they don’t raise enough to give me slices.

It’s by no means a deal breaker, but having a couple of slices of bread-like stuff to make a sandwich with would be nice.

I did pretty much cut sugar out of my diet about a year ago (except for alcohol - no sodas, no sugar in coffee, etc.), so maybe the carb cravings aren’t as bad for me as perhaps others.

i think i may have been partially fat adapted or something already because its only day 3, and on day 2 i was pretty much fine. No cravings, no tiredness, etc. Did a 10km bike ride (which was more due to butt pain, only just started riding an am not bike fit). The only symptom of starting keto i have had is pissing like a race-horse and drinking a lot.

I used to be a 1-2 piss per day guy unless i was on beer.

This week? 6-8 times a day. Need to keep the salt up…


I made a “Keto bread” thingy some time ago, was okay and slices where fine. Used it for Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and “bread”. I’ll see if i find the “recipe” (i totally fucked it up and used other ingredients).

There you go. When im strict and i dont have any sugar or carbs, no cravings but when i have a soda or something 1-2 hours later the cravings are back. In my case i think its the gut bacteria thats just going crazy when there is sugar.