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Level 1 Gains


This thread is for those that are addicted to pain. This thread is for those that are seeking strength through accepting weakness. We’ve all heard the cute quotes, the easy one liners that are perpetuated by those that think they know what strength is.

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

“Pain is only temporary.”

My question is always: “What do you know about pain? What do you know about strength?”

This thread is our story. Muhammad Ali was asked “How many situps do you do?”

He said, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t count?”

“I start counting when it starts to hurt.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger said “When you push through the pain, that’s when you’re a champion.”

One of the greats:

Hack yourself. Make yourself. Do the impossible.

Welcome to Level 1 Gains, the PowerLifting, Bodybuilding, heavy metal, meathead, track and field, and combat sports thread.

Why should I lift weights or exercise?

Well, if the above videos don’t answer that question for you, how about some good ol’ fashion health benefits.

Improved circulation
Lower blood pressure
Stronger bones
Lady killer
Higher testosterone (higher sex drive)
Ability to physically dominate those around you

Where do I start?

I recommend Max-OT if you’re serious about building muscle. Bodybuilding dot Com has a lot of
what I call “bro science” that isn’t backed by Physiology. However, there are a lot of great videos on there regarding form and simple routines. The forums have a really good gold standard:

Starting Strength and 5/3/1 are really great routines as well. Try something, find something that works, and stick with it. That last part is key.

Last, I’ll say that nutrition and diet are as, if not more important than lifting and exercise. Clean up your diet. No more soda, no more energy drinks, no more microwaved frozen meals. Eat fruits and veggies, clean grains, and protein. I’m not licensed, but I’ve studied CSCS and Kinesiology in a former life, I’ve trained in a professional capacity, and competed in state competitions. I can offer advice and insight if you need it.

Feel free to use this thread to get feedback on form (video), your workout routine or diet, or let us know when you kill a personal record.


:point_right: :+1:


I’m gonna join this hype.

Used to work out regularly until my motorcycle crash 1,5yrs ago, now I’m in the shittest shape of my life.

Time to get those guns back.


Seems like I need to start putting numbers down. I never really tracked my progress, although I didn’t do heavy workout until now.


The best victories are those against yourself. At Texas PowerLifting competitions most of those folks are just going against their last record.



“Strength is never a weakness and weakness is never a strength.” - Mark Bell motto or whatever he says it all the time.


hopping on in this thread.

I need to change up my routine.


Sounds good, feel free to add your workout log entries or let us know when you crush PRs (personal records).


I feel you here. I almost lost my foot in a Motorcycle crash, and I let myself limp too long.

The best thing I did for myself last year was to stop telling myself that I can’t, or that it might hurt too much. Pain is something that gets less the more fit and agile we become, to a certain extent.

These days I’m powerlifting and mixing in sprints five times a week, riding my bike to work, and generally feeling the healthiest I’ve felt since years ago.


Want to share your Squat/Deadlift/Bench/Overhead Press numbers?

I plan on getting my 5 rep maxes after work today.


for us disabled broke dicks (lower body disabled eg core down) i think some pull up competitions be in the cards hehehehe i gotta get me bar back out


Definitely! There are some beast level athletes that ride or die on this sort of thing.


this is what i imagine every time


where’s @swole_al_tech when they are needed.



Nice man, I love shit like this.

@BookrV What time is game time? :grin: We need to get PRs by the end of the week. New Years Resolutions is around the corner, if we get our routine in line before that happens we can call claim to bench and squat racks.

“MOVE. You’ll be out by January 15 anyway.”

The only gatekeeping worse than tech/Linux is gym rat gatekeeping :smiley:


I’m in bro.



Let’s do it!

First 3 months are the hardest. After that, it’s your life. Just keep working on it. Who you were last month is nothing, compared to who you are this month, as long as you’re in the gym.

I’ve never had a joy, so true as lifting. Keep your women, cars and money. Give me iron any day.



I only lift cash.