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Level 1 Gains

  1. sitting bicep curls -10min each arm add 5-10lbs every month or until comfortable.

  2. traps - either out held arms never leaving level with the ground moving slowly to a crucifix position and back for 30min with 5lbs each hand (this is more pain endurance training will hurt more forearm)

  • or sitting trap pulls (elastic or weighted up to comfort)
  1. core (assisted if need) sit ups 100 under 2minutes (corps old reqs in pft)
    elbows/forearm must touch the thigh to count

  2. pull ups/ push ups attempt to get 20 pull ups for ever pull up not obtained to 20 you do 20 push ups so if you achieved 15 pull ups you still have 100 push ups to do

  3. cardio due to lower body dissablities running and such make either the hand bike

    or a elliptical for the low impact

    the good choices for the lower body disabled
    do either for about 30 minutes to a hour
    you spend at most a 1-1.5 hours at the gym, doing any work out in which order you deem fit but the time must be spent.


Perfect time to get some quick lifts? During Windows Updates. You’ll be jacked before the quarter is out!


Lmfao valid point. Upgrading to Fedora 29 took less time than even the smallest Windows upgrade.


Going strong


I love the whole ensemble: The table, the plate, the food, the wrist guard, the keyboard… :ok_hand: 10/10


Today did not go as planned, I’m not used to all this heavy shit back to back :grin:

I have brought dishonor unto my family.

However, I made it through the rest of the 5RM assessment, Bench and Deadlift, and finished out with some dips, push ups, and some runnin’.


First few days of change are the hardest.


Definitely got my strength back in bench press on the machine.
Was doing 100 easily with 3 sets and 15 reps. Had to drop weight down to 90 about a week ago.
So 4 arm sessions and finally comfortable with 90 lbs again.
Might have been due to me running out of protein powder I use a post-workout.
Just 8 oz of milk and a single scoop of powder. Totals about 26 g of protein.

I think I am going to add a 3rd day of arms on Saturday and keep the 1 hour of walking for Sunday.
I have been bumping up my weight by 5 lbs on the 3rd day, at least that way my arms and legs can be on the same interval.

Also at my gym we use the Fit Linxx system. Just earned a White Ribbon for 15,000 points in the system. got caught off guard so no picture :frowning:


For your combat sport enthusiasts:

15 minutes on the clock

  • Burpees
  • High jumps
  • Medicine ball slams
  • Push ups

Lost count after a while, once I got tired of one exercise I started the next. Almost threw up. When I felt like quitting the timer buzzed :grin: :sweat_smile:

Went for a long, incline walk after that 3.2 to 3.6 speed at a 2 (.5 increments) incline.


I’ve never heard of this point system, I’d be more interested in hearing about it if you have time.


Okay, i fucked up…

man… date canceled our lunch so i ate some meat and potats and after that coffee with sugar… man…

Anyway: y’all are into getting jacked so help a fellow out:

i do have 2 dumbbells and a bench to do some cute benchpresses.

anyone has a idea for a routine i can do? Im so fucking uncreative to come up with something.

i mostly only do some curls and some benchpresses with the dumbbells and thats it and i feel to really push myself would be good but have no clue and what exactly to do. i never did sports in my life.


How heavy? You can do Dumbbell snatches and Dumbbell swings. Those will kick your ass.

Full body circuit:

Overhead press
Upright row
Bent over row
Stifflegged/Romanian Deadlift

60 to 90 second rest.

Repeat. Do 6 to 8 or 12 to 15 reps based on weight.


@AdminDev since you said that you like my gear I really started to appriciated it more


Also Goblet squat, Bulgarian split squat, Dumbbell rows, Dumbbell farmers walk. But yeah I would consider an upgrade in equipment in order to increase strength.

Today’s training was hard. I was still sore from my last one and warming up didn’t help a lot. So I didn’t increase weight on my lifts except for the barbell row.


At first I was really hesitant to use it. I thought it was kind of silly.
Here is a short video that over views it.

It depends on the gym if they have Fitlynxx available or not but basically, you consult with a worker at the gym and they will either build you a list of workouts that either fit your needs or wants.
Every weight station has a little touch screen that you will use to log in. First time setup includes getting your range of motion, start weight, and machine positions if you happen to forget. The amount of sets and reps can be changed later by the worker.

Once the initial setup is completed, you just log in at a little kiosk and select your workout if you have more than one set up. Once you start your workout the kiosk will promt you to which machine is the first in your list. You don’t have to go in order, you can hop around to other machines say if one is already taken or you want to do it in your own order.

Each set and rep is recorded when you hit the top and bottom of your range of motion, you can either reach the minimum goal, or the max goal and it will prompt you with a sound when you hit it.
On the screen it shows you how many sets and reps are recorded as well as what weight you should be set to. Its recorded as you go so you can see your total amount of weight moved.
Once you are finished with your sets, if you reached the max goal, it will promt you if you want to increase weight in either 5 or 10 increments, from what I have seen its up to 20 lbs. If you drop weight it will promt a decrease. Once that is done, you can log out and head to the next machine.

Once you are finished you can logout in the same kiosk, when you do, it shows you how many exercises you completed and the total amount of weight moved total. At my gym, they publish a little leader board for the whole gym to see. They have break downs in terms of points eared, position in the Fitlynxx system, and weight in pounds moved for the month by male and female.

I move and average of 500,000 lbs a month so far.

At the end of the week I bump up weights by 5 lbs. First day is always the hardest but by the 3rd, its very comfortable so far.

I have not hit a major wall in terms of weight besides bench press, had to drop about 10 lbs but I am feeling confident that my strength and endurance has returned.


I might sound like an asshole but this is a statistic I don’t like being measured. The total amount of weight you lifted. A good example is the lady at 1:04 in the video :smiley: - As a matter of fact I lifted as much as 75 elephants weight … :smiley:


I didn’t even notice that lol.
Its a motivational tool, not and end all be all.
If it helps motivate a gym member, more power to it. If it doesn’t then no need to use it.
I assume you measure yourself no? Test your limitations?
I think tracking your workouts is a good thing to do. Its nice to see the results after all the effort you put in.


I measure myself in how much I can lift for strength and how much time can I keep up for endurance.


About to get those gains, last piece of the puzzle ordered. got sick of waiting for aprox $40 in savings