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Level 1 Gains


Apple gains
(awful form, please don’t replicate)


Definitely joining. I must say I was never in the GYM in my life. But I have weights. Working out only arms and not really progressing. Also have to add some cardio or I will keel over soon after a session.


Endurance time?

I’m just not really trying to add to my injuries, which I’ve noticed happens when I test max on the regular.


Sorry, high reps.

Understood about the injuries. I don’t do 1 or 3 rep max anymore


Damn man! I would’ve bookmarked the 8 minute mark lol. That was great.


RIP Rich Piana

I’ve been mediocre ever since my ankle surgery, been meaning to get back in it. Keto actually sapped some of my motivation as I look and feel much better without even having to exercise- but still…


I can lift big CRTs, if that counts for anything :rofl:


I dont do weights anymore or yet, trying to cut down on weight.
Got really into it back in August.
Was doing 7 days a week full body work out on machines. Probably not the best thing since I didnt give my body time to rest.
Around the middle of September I switched to 3 days a week with 4 days of at least an hour of cardio either elliptical at the gym or bike riding in the park.

By October my sister did a body fat check for me.
In August I was 255 lbs a thicc boi.
As of 10/09/2018 I was 238 lbs.
Lean weight of 192 and fat weight of 46. 19.4% body fat. Gained a lot of weight after hurting my back. I was around 30% fat then.

Have not had a body fat check again yet. Going to in December.

For now I do gym 5 to 7 days a week.
Mon/Wed/Fri are leg days start with 30 minutes of cardio on treadmill.
Tue/Thu is arm day, start with 30 minutes of treadmill as well.

Weekends for rest but I get bored so I find myself going to the gym for an hour of cardio on the treadmill.

Plan to start running on the treadmill at some point but for now its 3MPH walk with a 12% incline.

Going to bed at 12AM and waking up at 8AM has been really nice.

No clue when I do start up weights. I think I definitely want to get down to 5 to 10% body fat before doing so.


The lift is good -

I started 2 months ago and those are my results for sets of 5 reps -
Deadlift - 105 kg - 231 lb
Squat - 102 kg - 224 lb
Bench press - 60 kg - 132 lb
Over head press - 38 kg - 83 lb


1 Banana 1 Teaspoon Peanutbutter 2 Ice Cubes 200-300ml Milk

“Salad”: Tuna, Feta Cheese cubs (couple of them not much), Cucumber, Onions, Raddish and oliveoil.

I guess anti pasti or something with vino tinto (another date tonight)

Midnight Snack: Banana and some nuts.


Awww yeah boys and girls, here’s the DAILY MOTIVATION

Pre-workout: Coffee, black - 5:00 AM

Post-workout: Whole avocado, fistful of cashews, 16 oz. water - 6:15 AM

Breakfast: Banananana and pistachios (1 handful) - 7:25 AM

Tried getting my 5 rep maxes today on Squat, Barbell Row, Bench, and Deadlift. Ended up getting taxed about half way through, so I worked my weak area: lats and rear delts.


Count me in also. I’ve been training a starting strength linear progression style program (alternating Workout A (Squat,Bench,Row) Workout B (Squat, Press, Deadlift) for a while now. This is really good for motivation, you increase the weight very gradually but you should aim to increase every session for as long as you can.

Progressing well on all lifts but I hit a wall on the squat when it gets to 125kg, I find the bar rolls up my back as I get tired. My understanding that this is a lack of tightness/back strength under the bar so I’m trying to concentrate on keeping chest up when driving out of the hole. Any tips would be appreciated!!


fuck this… since i haven’t had my usual amount of carbs and/or sugar in the last 24hrs im feeling really weird, anxiety is spiking…

jesus. withdrawal intensifies™

but still…



For those with lower body disabilities I will be posting my workout routine after I hit up my doctor today (better they know I’m gonna being hitting iron :smile:)


Keto? Carnivore Diet?

Nice dude, looking forward to it.


Something in between that I guess.

I found out some time ago, that
fat+protein+fiber works like a charm
fat+carbs = really really bad
protein+fat+carbs=also really really bad
fiber+fat+carbs=also really bad but differently bad

so im kinda stuck with technically not 0 carbs but at least very few. i sleep better, i feel better, after i eat non-carb stuff, i feel fucking powerful and motivated and just awesome.


the withdrawal of carbs and sugar is just insane. like: eating sugar and carbs => super hard anxiety and panic attacks, not eating carbs & sugar => super hard anxiety and panic attacks, after the stuff gets out of the system.

i dont recommend that to anybody but i struggle with this shit for years now and i do have that figured out at least to some degree.

also: i do eat some carbs, to get straight into 0 carbs total per day is, at least for me, not doable and not needed.


Sooo many people don’t understand that cutting refined carbs and sugars is the key. If you eat a ton of veggies and fruit with breakfast, those are carbs :smiley: Most people go “carb free” and quit eating veggies and shit too, then wonder why they feel like shit.

Yeah, for anyone that has smoked heavily for a long time and then quit, it’s a similar sensation. Irritability, frustration, etc.

Also dangerous lol. Sweet potatoes, brown grains, leafy greens and greens on a stick or stem, etc.

Rice was really hard for me (Jasmine Rice). Now I generally do a seasoned vegetable medley on a bed of black beans or a bed of quinoa. :ok_hand: Ton of energy and I feel great.


the wonderful woman i date made a salad with mozzarella rucola and dried tomatoes and sesam seeds, on the side olives. and some wine.

yeah carbs =/= carbs, like you said, there is brown rice carbs and twinkie carbs, not the same but both are “carbs”…



i do eat as it turns out carbs in the morning but in form of a banana, which is way better than carbs in form of bread or something.


how are you guys doing?


Good topic.

I don’t do bodybuilding or powerlifting, but I lift a lot. I’m more into general fitness and athleticism. I like being a well rounded person with enough strength, speed and endurance. So my workout is really varied and I usually switch programs after a few months. I pretty much do everything, and only with free weights and sometimes a few cable machines at the end. But I never use those fixed Smith Machines and the like. I even do a bit of yoga.

As for food, I don’t know about you but I actually enjoy what I eat. Healthy food isn’t tasteless or bad. It’s awesome. I love eggs and bacon, I love chicken (other meats as well but to lesser extent), I love rice, I love vegetables and I love fruit. I think cheese might be the least healthy food that I really love.