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Level 1 Gains


Kettlebell Swings got me fucked up


Feels bad, gym will be closed all next week Monday the 19th through Friday the 23rd.
Guess I am breaking out the bike and doing 17 to 20 mi bike rides again :smiley:
Could be a good time to work on core. Been concentrating on arms and legs, squeezing out the fat lol


The proper usage of kettle bells is to not use them.


It’s double exp weekend on RuneScape gotta get gains


Update Walmart fucked up the shipping delayed another week :frowning:


I feel like you wouldnt get to do anything but workout since it says someone for all of them


I edited it to be my clan and it’s still every second


I feel like the XP would be the every second thing unless your clan is big aF


It’s max amount of members in clan and about 60% are online plus mobile is out for p2p (side load if not in beta)
My arms are killing me it’s been a while since I felt the burn


Lol there was something similar for Dark Souls every time you died against Mook, Boss, Invasion, falling, etc.

Got swole in those days, son.


guys! first of all thanks for the motivation! im still not working out as hard as i should but i do way more stuff than usual so progress is there. anyhow:

what are your best exercises to do to get some sweet pec gainz?


Most people exhaust their triceps or delts on bench before their chest. Easy remedy to that is do flies before bench.

Dumbbell flys (heavy ish) 4 to 6 sets 5 to 8 reps.
Barbell Benchpress 5 sets of 5 to 6 reps.

Do whatever accessory lifts you want, pushups, dips, cable flys, etc. Doing the above two to three days a week I went from 46 - 48 (depending on clothing brand) to 50 - 52 chest size in a year. I was almost single digit bf but realistically I was like 12 or 15%

So fat but not fat :grin:


“Space-age music pill invented by a doctor”

I can’t fuckin’ breathe. This dude is hilarious.

I love kettlebells though. Great way to get a full body workout done pretty much anywhere, without resorting to just your own body weight.


Ehh, everything you can do with a kettlebell, you can do with a dumbbell.

To each their own though.


a jug of milk full of water you say ?


If that’s your thing.

Personally, I like car tires and oil containers. When that’s not available, I’ll settle for moving furniture.


cheap weights for those who don’t know can also use laundry detergent bottle containers


Anything that has mass and is easy to pick up, for that matter. I used to do shrugs with our metal patio chairs.



I prefer the bigger movements (bench, squat, dead, ohp, pullup) to come before the isolations.

Not really sure of any concrete reason why, aside from allowing me to overload a little easier with the compound movement, then I can isolate and finish off the smaller muscles, either with accessory movements, or with something for aesthetics.