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Level 1 Gains




Hahn SuperDry is 2.2 carbs per bottle. It’s a mid strength Aussie beer (3.5%). I’m sure there are other low carb beers out there but it may take time to find them in your area.

This was recommended by a mate as a beer that still tastes ok but is low carb. Its not my fave tasting beer ever but it’s not bad at all.

More fat? Salmon is high in good fats. Maybe incorporate it into breakfast or lunch.

Consider making some fat bomb snacks. Gf has made some a few times. Google keto fat bomb for some ideas.


I’ll do that.

Other than that gotta say, I feel good with keto.

Thanks to everybody here for their support and engagement!

GAIN uary really took off!


its the weekend so maybe we need some motivation to go hard even on the off-days:



Another way to get more fat into dinner is to perhaps make a rich sauce for the veges or meat.

Mushroom sauce for your steak or whatever with lots of cream and whatever. Not sure what the GF put in some mushroom soup she made the other day but we ended up using it as sauce for the steak i cooked last night and it was pretty great.


I too have lost weight by mostly eating fats. Wasn’t trying.


Its all the calories to try to lift up her belly and not getting crushed by the


of thighs.


Oh yeah, sauces are a good idea.

I’ll look into it. Either fat bombs and sauces with cream and butter and such.


My dude, motivating as fuck!


I’m using the first picture as my desktop background and the third as my phone lockscreen.


Yeah i lost about 10 kg two years ago by doing basically two things:

  • not keeping beer in the house
  • eating bacon and eggs (no toast) for breakfast

No exercise to speak of.

I’m pretty convinced that the modern diet is WAY too carb heavy even before i started this Keto stuff.

Even if you aren’t gonna do full on Keto, cutting back at least on carbs is probably a good idea. And drinking them in soda is just the worst.

Day 13 and i feel great.

  • Waking up i am immediately switched on
  • I’m sleeping better
  • I’m motivated to do stuff (and this time around i am actually getting out on the bike)


She made these before (and they do taste pretty great):

I wanna try these:

Just need to make sure the peanut butter doesn’t have any additives, sugar, etc.


Yeah. If wheat and sugar are bad for your brain. Then what is the point of not eating the yolk and not eating the whole salmon fat skin and all. Then what is the point of trying to be heart healthy if your body functions normally off of a proper fat based diet. The brain needs that yolk.


What are you on about? I eat egg yolks. I eat salmon skin…?


I mean because there is this myth that you have to not eat the yolk skin or fat to be heart healthy.


I loathe motivational pics/posters/music/anything motivational.



If I find more I’ll post them!

Glad you like them!


I loathe them if I can’t relate to them.


I can relate and they’re aesthetically pleasing, I like them a lot.


I just realized that the first video the joe rogan one is my fav. motivational video there is :joy:

GAIN uary 15th/16th is 50% done and from what I see we are making some pretty good progress here!

@allthefinefolkshere KEEP GOING!


I made a sauce with butter and 30% heavy cream as a side for the left over chicken




good morning YALL


Chicken, chicken, chicken, more chicken and gruel. Okay!