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Level 1 Gains


Also, it may help if you replace one habit with another. Find something else to do when you feel yourself wanting a smoke, and try to consciously do that instead.

Even if it is just going outside for a walk…


John Goodman looked more like of a badass fatass when he was a fatass. Now he is just a flubby fucker.


Idk if it’s the extra shot of espresso I had this morning (4 hours ago) or cutting down on the THC but my anxiety is through the roof for no reason. Can’t get any work done :rage:


Do 50 push ups and 100 jumping jacks. And let the adrenaline course through your veins.


Might be time to play around with bodyweight training too.


Added a 4th set to my drop sets. It doesn’t really seem to look much much more work is being done between the 3rd and the 4th besides 80 to 120 more lbs moved.

Whats ya’lls opinion on drop sets?

  • 3 sets, but increase weight
  • 4+ sets but maintain start weight

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I had to stop lifting a while ago because my elbows were feeling worn down. I had clicking noises coming from my elbows. Not tendentious though. It is nice being skinny though. I don’t have to eat as much as I used to when I was weightlifting.


5am rise and shine bitch

Ketocoffee and workout



Can someone explain why using cream in coffee is different than oil?


Cream is ok but oil has even less carbs and is more energy dense.

If you’re doing Keto you are focusing mostly on fat to get energy, and a keto coffee is meant to be a meal replacement in terms of energy. There’s enough energy in the oil in a proper keto coffee to replace a meal. If you’re using cream, not so much.

A big problem some people have with keto is getting enough energy from fats and oils without blowing their carb or protein budgets.

i was running late for work this morning, so keto coffee, pub lunch with salmon, feta stuffed mushrooms and asparagus for lunch with a low carb (2.2g) beer. :smiley:

Probably on about 6-8 carbs so far today :metal:


I am just trying to get rid of my gut and man tiddies. Been a fat boi since I was 6 or 7. Got my pretty damn big but grew during middle school. Been pretty fat since then. I say my stomach is about a 1/2 inch of fat from my muscle opposed to the 2 inches or so back in August.


Low carb beer!? tell me more!

I need to add more fat to my dinners… Yesterday night i realized, that at 10/11pm I need to have a bit of cheese otherwise I can’t go to sleep.

More butter at the veggies and more stuff like that.

Any tips?


Whenever I think low-carb beer:



the german version of it:


Alkohol frei



No clue how it tastes, but there is this.


Added 10 lbs to each rep on my drop sets.
Didn’t feel much difference. Should I go for 20 lbs on the original weights?


Who the hell is drinking low carb beer? It taste worse than piss.


@BookrV seemed interested.


Wrap your lips on a bottle of old rasputin instead. I prefer a tulip glass.