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Level 1 Gains


I did 14KM (on my bike) a day for like 5 months. That was a really nice change… until the snow fell. Went to and from work every day. I avg around 22KM/h.


Yeah i haven’t ridden in many years.

Aiming for 25-30km a week to start out, at the moment it is fucking hot here at the moment (Perth, Western Australia) so time i can really get out and do it without dying is say before 8am or after 7pm at the moment. 34C today for example and we do see temps in the 40s from time to time.

riding to work too much for me, i live like 40-50km away from work and i just don’t have the spare time. or fitness yet, lol


I think I am lazy or something… so when I can incorporate exercise into my daily routine it really feels right. Right now I want to run, but I am not getting up off my butt to soley run that easily. I will go out at some point. If I had somewhere to be within my route (grocery store/dollar store/ice cream shop) I would find it easier to move.

Heat is not that bad here in Toronto, especially now.

Improving at your pace is important. When I started running, I had bad hamstring pain. I walked the 5-10KM daily to compensate. Now I can run it backwards… after I run it once forwards =P


I fully expect to get hyped with that ketocoffee

It me ya boi already getting after it waaaduuuup


So, 2 days ago the GF had her proper sugar withdrawal symptoms (from keto - she started jan 1st same as me)

Cranky, confused, anxiety, etc. Angry because she couldn’t make a decision, think straight, etc.

Just generally fuzzy brain and not able to think straight. She’d been feeling a bit off for a few days.

Yesterday was much, much better. This morning great also - so i think she’s over the carb/sugar withdrawal stage.

It was tough for her (i think due to my prior disdain for potato, sodas, etc. i had a far easier time of it), she would typically be eating 300-400(?)+ g of carbs per day so to go back to under 20 was a shock to the system. But by day 7 or so she looks to have gotten over it.

In case anyone else is ever going to try quitting carbs/sugar - if you’re addicted to it (and so many are) it is no joke. But it does pass.

It’s not like she’s large either. 5’6", 125lb. i can only imagine how bad it must be for someone who’s carrying a lot of weight and been on a much larger carb intake than she was…


its no fun, my dude :joy:


Oh yeah, for the steak aficionados… and i consider myself one…

I’ve cooked great steaks before. I am disappointed when i go out for steak.

But this… this is fucking amazing:

the TLDR:

  • salt your meat generously
  • dry your meat out on a wire rack (i put an oven tray under it to catch any blood) in the fridge for 24 hr or as long as you can in between remembering you’re planning to eat steak and dinner time (for me the longest i’ve done it is a few hours so far, but it helps)
  • oven at possibly as low as it will go, around 130C
  • place in pre-heated oven on rack (so the bottom and top can cook) - i just move the same wire rack from fridge to oven
  • after 25-30 minutes, check with a temp probe for the internal meat temperature. for medium-rare you want 40C or so
  • when the temp internally is about 40C pull it out and sear both sides until internal temp is about 50C. a minute or two per side, in butter.

you do want to make sure your steak is at least 1.5 (? i’m metric) inches thick minimum for this. if its thin sandwich steak it won’t work. i’m talking rib eye, t-bone, scotch fillet, cut THICK.

If you like ruining steak with overcooking :smiley: and want more cooked than medium-rare to medium, add 10C to the temperature above before taking out of the oven (check temperature at say 30-40 minutes, your oven may vary), and sear until 60C.


I will just stick to my venison goat and pickled herring.


very delicous in the morning.


Took all my bongs, papers, dab rigs, grinders, and whatever else, cleaned them, and will stash it in the ceiling at work today. Gonna try going cold turkey for a while


I failed cold turkey a couple of times now.

Good luck!


Me too. Lol

I will probably still smoke a couple times a week socially since most of my friends and a coworker smoke. So maybe that will help wean me off


Thats also my tactic:

steadily lowering consumption until I have more control over it.

in the end its a drug so you need to deploy “drug addict” tactics.


Yeah. If at least for a few days I just need this shit out of my sight lol


I paused for 5 days and it was kinda strange. But getting up really early, working out, eating right helped a lot!

I smoked the last 2 days and probably will to night, im interested to see how bad of an impact it will have.

Either way, sometime I do wanna get rid of it.

But the thing with drugs is: Its technically not the drug you wanna get rid of, you wanna get rid of the lack of meaningful stuff to do that made space for the drug.


Yeah and at this very moment I am very bored, want to move, etc.

So it’s easy to make excuses to smoke, which then makes me too idle and become unsatisfied. I would like to get to a level to where I’m using infrequently enough to get that “first time” feeling each time I choose to use. Which I why I loved pot as a reward for myself for doing something when I first started. But now I’m a bonafide pothead and that doesn’t go well with being OCD


I usually like my turkey moist, hot and juicy.


Some Motivation for yall flaggots

If john goodman can do it so can you.

fat fucc


Good job, however it may be safer to stash them with a friend. So that there’s more effort required than just going to the ceiling at work to break your attempt at cold turkey.

My GF quit smoking (cigarettes) last year. She switched to vape (with nicotine) and ended up breaking the vape. So went cold turkey because she didn’t have a spare and didn’t want to buy another one.

If there’s a decent effort required to take it back up, you’re more likely to succeed imho.


Good idea. Thankfully I have friends who would actually probably prevent me from getting to it