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You should also enjoy life. Something unhealthy every now and then won’t kill you, but it can throw you out of ketosis. Even a bunch of fruit will do the same and fruit isn’t bad for you. It’s just bad for keto. It’s a very unbalanced diet that never works longterm.


I know you are lying. STOP CHEATING!


Rate my lunch


Good proportion sizes if you are trying to bulk up. But you shouldn’t be mixing your greens with your proteins.


let me guess, black olives would be better?

i really dig that you not even try to explain the stuff you proclaime :joy:


No. Motor oil would be better.


flagged for incentivising self-harm /s


You don’t have a clue what i’m doing mate.



You seem to know stuff about nutrition and stuff, i have an honest question:

Can it be possible, that eating chicken messes with the brain?

I feel like everytime i eat chicken on keto i get depressed, like real legit depressed. And i ate enough fat with it, so its not that its a lack of fat… Does that sound remotely possible?


Only if that chicken is only fed soy which is in a lot of animal feed. I stay away from anything soy or legume related as i HAVE EPILEPSY. So try non soy fed chicken. Because they have extremely high estrogen levels.


it was cheap chicken from the supermarket so the lowest tier of meat possible could easily be.

okay, I’ll test that with more expensive chicken in hope that that chicken won’t be soy.


Majority of chickens are fed soy in their feed. I personally would go to the farm or call up and find out what they are being fed. If you have the time to do so.


It’s more likely that the smell, or taste and texture is associated with something bad.


It tasted fine. Wasnt good but okay.

Weird thing.


I’m not saying the chicken has to be bad, but you’re associating it with something subconsciously.


No. Chicken is supposed to smell foul. That is why ducks and chickens are considered foul.


Maybe a chicken touched me when i was a kid

freud intensifies™


Fowl comes from fuglaz through a few iterations from proto-Germanic to modern English. Fuglaz, like fowl, means bird. Cognate to German vogel.

Foul is a completely different and unrelated to fowl.


My body is a temple. Unfortunately it is a temple dedicated to the mighty potato because my work requires a lot of travel and super long days making consistency a luxury I cannot afford.

Currently I’m trying to figure out a training and diet plan that will negate this as much as possible. Got some bands and a TRX to take with me when I travel and there’s a 24hr Fitness not far from the office when I’m not traveling. As long as I don’t lose any more size and strength I’ll call it a success.


Mate, i am totally enjoying life.

I happen to really like the food on the keto style diet. Not so much the greens, never been a massive cruciferous vegetable fan, but if i can mix them with good quality meat its not a big deal.

The things i have had to “Give up” i couldn’t really give a shit about mostly (I didn’t eat a lot of it before trying to go keto anyway).

  • Potatoes: always already considered useless filler. I’ve never ordered fries with a burger for a couple of years at least, i just grab a smaller second burger instead if its not enough (for example).
  • cereals: never a big fan
  • sugar: already mostly gave up 1-2 years ago, cut down massively at least. yes, i’ve been drinking black coffee with no sugar for about 6 months now (pre keto)
  • sodas (e.g., coke, etc.) - gave that shit up several years ago, NEVER drank it other than as a mixer when i had spirits.

The only real thing i miss is bread and that’s purely from a convenience standpoint - sandwiches are an amazingly convenient way of containing the things i really want to eat (i.e., the meat, cheese, whatever inside the sandwich).

That, and beer. But post christmas its a good thing to take a break from anyway, did about 2-3 weeks of drinking every day in december.

I guess you could say i’ve been naturally inclined to low(er) carb in what i eat for a while so its not been a massive problem for me in terms of dependence. I have not had any cravings for carbs at all.

Day 5, and i feel perfectly fine. Its 10:40AM and i am not hungry. Last ate about 8pm (devoured most of a roast chicken because that’s what i felt like) and i reckon i could probably go most of the day without needing to eat at this point. Without having to endure it. No hunger pangs at all right now.

I do definitely suspect this may be easier for me than a lot of people.

  1. I’m not in the USA where they put fucking fructose in everything
  2. i’ve never been hooked on sodas as a daily drink
  3. already quit a lot of the stuff i’m not supposed to have for other reasons years ago.
  4. I’ve always enjoyed stuff like bacon and eggs for breakfast (which has mostly been weekends only, because i generally skip breakfast during the week when i need to work).
  5. I really love salmon


Thus far the only real “keto flu” type thing i’ve had was on day 3 where i felt a bit of a headache - because i didn’t drink enough water.