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Food of the gods.


So, update.

Had a work call about noon, figured i might need to go in, so my first meal for the day was at 1:30pm this afternoon.

Not because i was hungry, but was anticipating the requirement to go to work possibly for a few hours.

As it happened, didn’t need to go in.

So, intermittent fasting (which also helps get into ketosis state and is of benefit if you are), maybe not as hard as i thought it might be.

The girlfriend (also started the same thing on jan 1st) is having a few more issues with blood sugar levels (hangry, etc.) but her diet was extremely carb heavy with regular snacks, potato chips, etc. so i suspect her body is having a bit more of an issue adapting.

She’s still keen on trying to keep on it, as some side effects are/were not unexpected. I suspect she’s having issues due to simply not eating enough fat for energy due to not being used to the idea. She’s also calorie counting and being anal about trying not to go over a carb limit (20g net, which is pretty hard core if you’re used to eating carbs a lot) and having the complaint that she’s having issues getting enough energy without going over the carb limit. She just made some creme cheese “Fat bombs” this afternoon, which should hopefully help her with that.

I’m just trying not to eat carbs at all if possible (obviously i can’t avoid them entirely as even things like non-starch/non-sweet vegetables have SOME in there most of the time) and eating as much of the relevant keto friendly food as i like, when i like.

As is salmon :slight_smile:

Bears can’t be wrong…


Just thought about this… apparently milk isn’t so good for keto style due to the lactose. It ends up being a carbohydrate when processed by the body (IIRC)? Banana bad too (20 ish carbs right there i thought?), peanut butter may have sugar in it depending what type it is. Cheese is OK because the lactose/carbs are consumed by the bacteria involved in the cheese making process…

Berries are supposedly better? Maybe swap the banana out for blueberries, swap peanut butter out for almond butter? Maybe lactose free milk (but definitely don’t want skim because you want the fat - full cream milk for sure if you stick with cow milk)?

Just thoughts…

Or… find something to do with an avocado? Maybe tuna/egg/avocado “salad” or something?

Maybe try a keto coffee instead?

Black coffee (long black) + 2 tsp ghee + 2tsp coconut oil + stevia (to taste) or something in a blender. I found them quite tasty. If you can’t find ghee, indian cooking uses it a fair bit so maybe try an indian food shop. That’s a full meal replacement though, so doesn’t count as a fasting thing…


I’ll try the keto coffee!

i used to do the shake primarily because it works well, easy not expensive and im kinda used to it. to reduce carbs especially in the morning even further would be a good thing.

I don’t have ghee at my disposal right now, but shouldnt cleared butter work as well? because you get rid of the whey that way?

also id would be great to wake up, make a keto coffee and go ape shit on the workout. without coffee before the workout its fine but i like the amped up feeling after a coffee in the morning.

im gonna try a little bit with the stuff i have at home and see what gonna happen.


I think it’s the same thing? But yeah should be fine.

One thing on the keto coffee - drink it immediately. Being a mix of oils and coffee it will seperate if you leave it.


i checked my peanut butter, 3g per big table spoon of peanutbutter, so i would say its fine.


One of my new year resolutions is to spend more time outside beside my current outdoor activities, to get some fresh air and exercise. So far, so good:
Here is a nondescript picture where I hope the location is hard enough to identify (yes it’s my potato mobile phone camera but the grainy stuff is mostly snow). :wink:

I think I did okay with 8km in this weather and snow.


I personally would spend time drinking tea and hot coco instead of being in that bad weather. Or throwing axes at a tree or wooden target.


What do you think I’m doing now. :wink: Everything tastes a lot better after some workout. :grin:


So, keto dinner last night?

  • fillet of salmon
  • 50g of mushrooms
  • 3 sticks of asparagus

all fried up in butter with fresh lemon juice to squeeze over, salt and pepper. 15-20 minutes to make?

Something like 4g carbs in total for the meal. I was going to take a photo of it but i was too busy eating it.

Keto is meant to be unsustainable and unpleasant? Hmm…

That’s a shit load of carbs for the portion size?

A big tablespoon of peanut butter itself would only weigh something like 5-10g?

As above my entire dinner last night was 4g of carbs.


I meant ~~35g peanutbutter 3g sugar


Breakfast for Champions


Keto Coffee is insane @thro


Yeah i was shocked.

I was expecting it to be kinda gross, but i think the coconut oil is what gives it that really creamy taste.

It’s a super easy/fast way to get bulk fat and zero carbs in a very short space of time in the morning.

Cleaning the blender is a bit of a bitch with the oil though.


Wow you guys are a year into this thread. Coincidentally I started running in Nov. 2017, and hit the weights by mid Dec. I have been going strong for the entire year, mostly (fever+workouts not a good idea).

Let’s see:

Diet is half the work. I started counting my caloric intake about a year ago as well. I won’t ever go back. Such a simple thing can make the most dramatic change. I started at about 1750 calories per day when I sit on my ass all day. My body now demands around 2000. I weigh the same as the day I started… just all muscle now.

No pain… much gain. Muscle fatigue is awesome… torn ligaments/tendons/muscle… not so awesome. I tried to push through ulnar ligament micro-tears during my concentration curls… I ripped them even more. Been 9 months and (due to a physically demanding job lifting 5-10+ thousand pounds a day) I still have not fully healed. My right elbow ligament is much better now, the left is still damaged.

I was never a fan of an hour long workout. I found that shrinking my workouts to around 10-15 minute components kept me doing them every day. I can’t excuse myself as easily when it is only a 15 minute component with the dumbbells. I usually ended up doing multiple components a day anyways.

I run 5KM like it is nothing now. At first my legs would be sore, so I walked (rather than run) on the days I felt would cause more harm than good. I also do the stairs in my building (just did 105 flights today) and will do relaxed suicides, sprint/walk: 5 KM worth.

I am not a big guy… 5’6" - 145LBS. When my arms heal (sometimes feels like “if”), I will jump up to around 155LBS. I don’t want a big chest/shoulders/back/triceps and tiny biceps… so I cut down all my weights.

For most of us here, being healthy through diet and exercise relates to being pain-free. Increased ease movement and increased strength, yes… but pain free. Assess how much risking an injury is worth. There is nothing wrong with slow progression. The ligament damage to my elbows has pissed me off a ton. =)

Oh, I eat really well… but I love chocolate. I can get away with it for now, somewhat.


I mean, technically, it’s been two months…


A friend asked today if I was losing weight recently.

I’m motivated af.


This is awesome


It was late at night okay?!?!

=D So, I started Nov 2017… not 1018… nice… wtg stconquest!


I’ve lost 4kg in the past 8 days :smiley:

In the past 2 weeks i have gone from average speed of 14km/h cycling over 5km to 22km/h over 12 km (same route - mountain bike).