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I’m genuinely curious. No company talks about it, as long as the dirty production and disposal happen in a 3rd world country.

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@bedHedd usually has a good bit of data aggregated


Yup Volvo is also going fully electric.
However they got the resources in house with the Polestar brand.
Polestar is basically just Volvo.


TLDR we need a ton more materials to make this work. Environmental is still good imo 5ish years break even is pretty doable for cars. Didnt get EV for environmental tho

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How long will the batteries last, though?
My cousin returned from his friendly-neighbour-VAG-dealer with a diesel car, because he has discouraged him to buy an EV from them.

Should last that long, there are plenty of EVs older then that on the road, deff down on range but 100% still usable

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Don’t know if I have any off the top of my head. Maybe it was on this thread

Maybe these?

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I’m pissed.
Fucking irresponsible people. Construction truck unleashed a barrage of roofing screws onto the highway. I got out mostly unscathed. Got to get one tire replaced though (warranty)


Rip that reminds me of


NACS has a standard for this. :troll:

Been chasing an electrical gremlin in my '97 Suburban. Sporadically stops charging, charging voltage is all over the place, etc. Biggest problem has been the intermittent issues. Haven’t been able to nail it down to a specific cause.

Spent an hour and a half going around the charging system with my multimeter and finally decided the voltage regulator on the alternator was bad. This is in contrast to late last year I had the same alternator bench tested by a local auto shop and they told me it was fine. Removed the alternator and noticed the belt tensioner didn’t have any spring left in it. Removed that as well and went to the parts store to have get new replacements. Re-installed new belt tensioner and alternator and all is well again.

Charging voltage problems were because of the bad voltage regulator on the alternator, the not charging I think was because of the bad belt tensioner.

Was extremely frustrating because I went after a bunch of red herrings because of the bad bench test report. I could have had this solved last year with a new alternator and been done.


I’ve had a bad year with weird issues on my cars.
After a while I get so fed up that I go to “oldtimer experts” (multiple) to either let them fix it, or give advice.
I learned that “professionals” don’t love their job and dont know jack.
They will take your money however!

So now I just buy that one tool for several hundred bucks instead of spending double and wasting time at a “professional”.

Tire places, alignments and vibrations are the worst “professionals”.

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That’s interesting :thinking:

It turns out the grid problem is greatly overblown. I’m saving all of this data for counter arguments :smiling_imp:

I’m seeking out and totally embracing this change. Unafraid of it. Actually I definitely want it

I know we have some volvo enthusiasts on here so I thought I’d share this. Apparently it’s got the drivetrain out of a darth vader; period-correct modifications are always neat to see.

edit: this isn’t a link to a sale, it’s a link to an article about a car that recently went up for sale


Actually?? because if that’s true. Tesla is amazing for having that foresight

Wow, that is a very based build. That sounds like someone grabbed all the stuff they wanted and put it together. I highly respect that.

I personally would have stuck with the T5 as I think that’s a very good and unique engine. Good power, good fuel economy, smooth, and good sound (except idling).

Linz auto show. Auto Spring, they call it. The time of the year, not jumpy kind. Some very neat cars.


FInally got time to make some good pictures of my new posession.
A 1985 Suzuki Alto SS80.
40hp 0.8L 3cylinder 4-speed manual.
It is a tiny car, about the dimensions of an original Mini.

All the technical bits have been done and some exterior stuff. But there are many more plans.

What I did while it was in winter storage

In dutch haha

2023-01-00 - 61.000km (me)

  • Olie + filter (Magnatec 10w40 + Bosch)
  • Transmissie olie (Redline MT-90)
  • Koelvloeistof (Eurol G11)
  • Bougies (NGK V-Line BPR5E)
  • Distributor cap + rotor (Blueprint)
  • Contactpunten (Bosch)
  • Bougiekabels (Bosch)
  • Luchtfilter (Stark)
  • Brandstof filter (Meat & Doria)
  • Carburateur schoongemaakt
  • Achterklep stickers verwijderd
  • handrem gefixed
  • motorkap stokje, ruitenvloeistoftankje, krik, blanke voorbumber lampen en motorkap embleem toegevoegd
  • schakelstang bussen en bouten (OEM)
  • Distriebutieriem + spanrol (Blueprint)
  • Swaybar/thrustrod bushings (Delphi)
  • Remvloeistof vervangen (DOT4)
  • Rechtsachterlicht vervangen
  • Deurslot knoppen gerepareerd
  • LV spatbord gelast
  • Spatlappen opgeknapt
  • Uitlaat tip geplaatst
  • Voor schijven + blokken (TRW + Bosch)
  • Naden opnieuw gekit (deuren, achterklep)
  • Remtrommels zwart gemaakt
  • Ontsteking afgesteld
  • Interieur gereinigd
  • Toerenteller ingebouwd
  • Gewaxed + RainX


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Cool a friend of my also has a 740 2.3 turbo intercooler.
It currently has around 600K on the clock.
And it still going strong.

The Volvo B230FT Red block´s are some of the best engines every made.
And they are easily tune able.