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Pretty sure that’s how it authorizes the charger.

Very cool!
How many of those nuggets do you own?

I just wanted to share my excitement of my LED bar I installed a few months ago.
It is a “200w” unit, and it is like daylight when it turns on.

I think the finished look on my car is okay, and it does not steal all the attention.

Lastly I live in a rural area and it is so nice to see Bambi before she commits suicide in front of my car.


I’ve had to many so now I just keep the most unique / good condition one.
So the 4WD 88 Justy and this Alto at the moment.

I really wanted to keep the Hijet but I got screwed with the engine.
At the time I did not have time or resources to swap the engine, so I sold it…
That was a mistake.

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@PhaseLockedLoop @MCVET
Guess who got convinced.


Tbh, they’re not as expensive as I thought they were. Only 75% more than what I normally pay for my tires😭

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Honestly the Hankook Kinergy 4S2 H750 are almost as good for 80% of the price.
But I’m not cheaping out on tires - they are the only thing that keeps you on the road, lol.


Here’s the result of my escapade from this morning.

This is a repair on the tire. 2 holes filled up by a pro.
The people that are changing tires now said that they’ve never seen as ugly a repair as this.
I feel unique :heart:

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Thots and prayers.


Luckily nothing bad happened. An unplanned tire change to summer ones. I was gonna do it in 2 weeks, but hey… I’m sorry to have to throw the winter ones away, since I wanted to keep them for one more season.

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That is good to hear.

Always a hassle.

I need to sell my current summer set to recoup some of the cost :joy:

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Nice. Make sure you follow air pressure to the t. The tires will get swirly if you over inflate due to the rounded contact patch


Thanks for the advice!

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Yeah. I find it’s best to monitor the pressure monthly on them. They diffuse less than other tires. Usually I monitor weekly

Won’t the car report insufficient pressure to you? Until now I’ve monitored pressure manually only before a longer trip.
The car itself can tell when the diameter of the wheel changes, I don’t know the threshold though.