Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition

Not to troll or anything, but I have created a present in the wash room. Must be a foot long and a half something.

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xD <3 <3

I should make the monospace generator cli friendly and distribute it as someone mentioned in the programming post… but there are so many sh#t for me to do, including college and work



I’ve been meaning to do some performance analysis on using iSCSI vs NFS on Proxmox for quite sometime. So consider me in! (Giving one’s self a deadline maybe the nudge required to actually do this)

Are there any performance metrics people would like to see?

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Count me in.
I need to finish my Rpi radio I posted a while back: RPI RADIO

As it stands now I need:

  • to print some stuff out
  • make a very flat usb cable probably solder directly to the pins (preferebly on both sides)
  • buy good speakers
  • get a good 24V power supply
  • document and upload everything so anybody can replicate or improve.

I’m in.

I will finish up my current case project: Casemod Project: "Strobe" - Building new case from scratch

I have old Logitech MX518 lying around. Works fine but the sticky coating on it has worn out and it’s just in bad shape, so I’ll do something like this again: Recoating my old SteelSeries Sensei mouse

Timetable for these projects are TBA, but I have two week vacation in early September so I’m most likely going to work at least one of these projects soon™

There’s few more projects I could submit to this challenge, but I will shill those here IF I find time for them.


Put me on the List™.

I’m finally gonna finish my RGB computer build. Should be done in a few days, but at least


I did a thing @kewldude007


@kewldude007 @wendell

Does engineer mean actually build? Ive been building and designing a simple AM radio to teach how asynchronous demodulation works. I could do a write up here as part of the just do it challenge :slight_smile: including instructions on how to do it yourself and learn how it works by building it? Im more than willing to share my work and how it works. Though its not like they havent been made before. I just designed it a bit different than the common diode reciever. :slight_smile: So it wouldnt violate the academic integrity part as its my own circuit

I started it this month

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whatever you want, maaaaaaaan


I just wanted to know because I could post a video is what I was getting at :slight_smile:

In order to share the files it might be nice to be able to upload the spice files (.asc .asy .sub) unless you guys prefer google drive :slight_smile: (mainly to control the ACL)

Well, I guess you’ll have to make a nextcloud server :stuck_out_tongue:

meh ill just upload pretty schematics and people can go built it :stuck_out_tongue: to simulate it. No need to be lazy haha

[Just Do It!]


Trying to join a paintball team, hoping for the best.


That’s a perfect example of management.


I will start a blog on this forum! SoonTM.


Just don’t use your knife to save ammo…