Instinct MI25, better than a Tesla M40 (for normal people anyway)

Here’s Doom 2016 running on it

Here’s Warzone, same inadequate CPU

Quake Champions works out pretty well on this level of hardware.

Been having display flicker issues lately that I haven’t been able to sort out.

Got it to stop over heating with FE vBIOS, required sodlering to maintain display output after drivers load. Without soldering, POST display and BIOS settings are still accessable, and windows is before drivers load. There’s likely a driver mod that could resolve it; I don’t know, and I’m not the person to sort that out.

Never did manage good stability with my single sample/unit. A neet adventure, but disappointed in the end.

Potential hurdles with software flashing-




Do you know which display port spec it is?

I expect it’s same as WX9100 which is advertised as 1.4

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Be aware the TBP is less on the WX9100

vBIOS modding can probably fix that.

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“AYO?” what?
EDIT: Ah, you mean AIO as in water cooling… nah.

Above 4G decoding isn’t required. Looks like UEFI mode is.
EDIT: Neither are required.

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I heard people say there’s no HBM temp monitoring available. There is now, or they just didn’t know.

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Not having the bios completely locked down is nice
Can you control clocks in MSI afterburner, what clocks can your ca achieve with the tdp

You know a lot more about soldering ports onto a board than I do
What would it take to populate the blanks to make them function?

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At the very least, the port + these

Pretty sure there’s stuff On the back for each too. Bare minimum, if you take care of the signal lines that actually send pixel data, you go through a bit of hassle and use this

6 identical displays hooked up should be easy, rip from the 1 fully functional port and apply that to the rest.

Assuming the microcontroller/FPGA (whatever it is) that the WX9100 doesn’t have, which I suspect has to do with the auto dual vBIOS switching (WX9100 only has one of the chips) doesn’t interface with EDID stuff in anyway, should be able to solder everything on… probably.

The circled ICs are missing on a WX9100.

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Early on messing with this thing, I had a theory that the microcontroller was used for display spoofing to make less work for VM support, more OS agnostic. No idea though, of course.
It looks like it was designed to allow easy access to the vBIOS that’s exposed during post, but the other is covered by the backplate. Maybe early in the design someone thought “let’s make it easier to work around potential BIOS/UEFI compatibillity, easy to flash so the motherboard doesn’t fully initialize it and keep it from being fully passed through” or something. Like device ID spoofing at a hardware level basically.

I’m not really sure what to make of this software, seems convoluted.

I’m also not eager to solder anything on to see if it would do what we’d want.

I’d only add 1 at most 2 ports on
Realistically you’d only need 1 port to game on and the rest can be powered by intergrated or another card for your productivity monitors

Need something new enough to use the same drivers, or maybe just some old Nvidia card. R5 240’s last drivers aren’t terribly old. 22.6.1
The cost of something like a WX2100 is stupid; at that point, might as well just buy a typical Vega card… unless of course there’s some unlocked pro feature you need.

And about clock speeds and what not. Everything I’ve heard about Vega tells me I’m better off undervolting and calling it there. The comparison between this and a typical vega 64 is probably like comparing the R9 Nano with the Fury X.
I don’t plan on doing benchmark videos for a while, except in some easier to run games (Doom 2016 runs great, Arkham Knight seems fine). Currently running 2x E5-2630 garbage tier CPUs with this thing.


It’s still got a recent driver so apus are still good to go
Intel chips with onboard should be also fine for productivity screens


Id need to upgrade my PSU but I do have a 1920X system with lots of unused lanes

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… anyway.
Let me know if you sort out AMD’s “EDID emulation” software limits.

I would hope. I grabbed some random “Pro” APU driver before I figured out my flashing problem, and it didn’t complain about installing.

First time I’ve seen the 2 cards not using the same driver.

Windows auto installed the 240 while I was doing an older WX9100 driver install.