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If linux is dead, if, what are you going to do?


Interesting didnt know Linus said that. Yup FreeBSD is incredibly stable and more mature. i would use it if Linux was out of the equation. I think at the time Linux was looked at as the new kid on the block that would provide a better experience than everything. Perhaps that had something to do with its swift adoption over BSD.


hell Ill be dead long before linux is so i dont really care one way or the other


It can be a useful thing if you keep it simple.

@sgtawesomesauce won’t clutter the thread, but having a vlan for media devices and one for your PC is a piece of cake to setup and manage even on a basic router. Obviously you don’t want 20 vlans :wink:


I wish RMS could see this thread. It’s probably the best example I have seen where saying GNU/Linux to talk about the whole OS, and Linux to talk just about the kernel makes the most sense in a long time.

Edit - the reason I want him to see it is me being mean. It would epically wind RMS up :grinning:


No it is not. Linux is bigger than ever in every field of computing except the desktop.

In the public cloud Linux is over 90%

Linux web servers run over 95% of the top one million domains. If you go to top ten million domains it drops to 70% with the rest being Windows.

Linux runs all of the top 500 super computers.

Android (which contains the Linux kernel) has a 70% smart phone world market share.

Linux or Android run 99% of all smart TVs.

It will be in a lot of IoT devices in some sort of super light form (hard to find a percentage) although plenty of alternatives do exist.

On desktop / laptop Linux is around 2%

I am sure others could dispute these numbers but none of them are going to be massively off the mark.


If Linux die, ((hope not)) I’ll go to REDOX
They have a quite promising kernel and system architecture.


Why would Linux be dead?


If linux did die, I wonder if development on reactos would speed up.


Linux won’t die. It’s spirit may however. That’s a sad truth.

That being said, when that happens I’ll probably try to write my own kernel honestly. Always wanted to learn more about how they work. If not, OpenBSD maybe. I’d having trouble coping with such a big loss though.

I’ve worked on custom kernels for a few years now, and Linux is dear to me.

I don’t agree with the CoC but I’ll work with it.


That is possible. If this happens however I think its spirit would burst into life in a new form.


With the CoC change devs have basically scattered


Ok, is the CoC really that bad? Seems like a lot of it was… don’t be a dick.


Let’s keep the code of conduct talk in the code of conduct thread.


I’m just trying to figure out the whole linux is dead thing.


Alright. There are people in 3 camps.

  1. It’s fine.
  2. Minor concerns, but nothing serious (typically concerns are vague definitions)
  3. End of the world

I’m in camp 2.


OK thanks… I haven’t had time to catch up on the CoC thread so having this summary is super helpful.


no prob.


if linux dies, im going to learn how to read and then buy a bunch of books. also quit my job because I dont want to work with windows.


Don’t have a link as it was a very, very long time ago (like… 15 years or so at a guess). But I do remember it from an interview way back when, and it makes sense. Linus built Linux to have a Free UNIX to run at home that was better than Minix.

386BSD was out there but had legal issues to sort out, and it wasn’t clear what way that would go at the time…

looks like 386BSD was out slightly after the original linux release. it did exist before hand, i think in a previous incarnation (Net/1?). in any case, maybe Linus meant that he wouldn’t have bothered continuing or such. Like i said it was at least 15 years ago that i read about it, and we’re talking about the situation from 1990-1992 ish :D)…


Unless I completely screwed up my comment …

That is the point I was trying to make. If x86 went away, Linux would be fine. It already runs on MANY other CPU types. As was/is shown by the link in my post.