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If linux is dead, if, what are you going to do?


If linux is over, dead, nada, gone… What are you going to use? Are you going to work on the inevitable fork? Are you going to use OpenBSD? Do you know?

Personally, I’ll either work on the fork and make it better than ever through bugtesting or learning C more and more, or I’ll quit and go to Icaros Desktop like I said in the Ask Noah episode I was on.

It gets better and better by the week. Amigas! Anyways…

I’m scared. I don’t want to see Linux die, but if it does I’ll probably be on my computer less and outside more. If I’m at my desk I’ll be on my PS3 playing Persona 5…


I have windows and OSX to fall back on so, meh, personally. In this hypothetical, it would be terrible to lose something so amazing, but I have no qualms using other OSs.


OSX might be OK if apple stops being apple. Windows… I gues s I could use 8 and be ok with that. 10 is too much idiocy for me.


I really don’t mind windows 10.

I mean, there are lots of problems with it, but it’s not Vista.


Now that it has been out for a few years and you can get rid of some of the botnet it’s not so bad. Some of the new features are very nice and most, if not all devices work out of the box (compared to having to take ethernet drivers over on a flash drive for most motherboards on 7). You will have to deal with the NSA bits, but it’s a fact of life living in the US at this point. My only real issue with 10 from an end user’s perspective is that it’s a total ram hog.


Its not ever going to be. Community is large enough to uphold it at this point. Maybe It will get forked over to something like linux 2 but idk.

If it ever was then i would either go with OSX, Some type of BSD based OS, and even windows


Yeah maybe I’ll just stick to my amiga stuff and play games on consoles…


OpenBSD. It’s very light and fast. And secure.


Sure, redirect their DNS requests, but don’t remove windows components. That’s how you break things.

Oh man, that was extremely annoying.

Yeah, if you really think your ISP isn’t monitoring your shit, you’re delusional.

microsoft is in on the DRAM price fixing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Back to Windows i would retreat, not even retreat, just use it more than i already do


Mac obviously.


Is this even a real possibility? I just started using Linux a few weeks ago :frowning:


Nah. Aremis just likes questions. He wants to pick your brain and see what people think and where they stand.


Calm down dude

IMO LInus made a very good tactical move to leave the game temporarily
Looking forward to seeing what he may return with in the future

Why do you have so little confidence in the resilience of Linux ?

I do not consider there is any worthwhile fallback to a leased OS
But fallback is not needed anyway

RAM usage does not correlate to freedom
But consequence of giving up freedom is the data-sources (OS used not users) have no means to effect change



He’s not saying it’s going to end. It’s a hypothetical. Just a conversation :slight_smile:


Hypothetical or not, still FUD


Considering the vast amount of systems running on Linux. If it disappeared, a decent portion of the population would go with it. :eyes:

I would most likely still be mostly on Windows, because I don’t have the time and nerves on a day to day basis, to go through a full transition… yet. :fist_right::brain::fist_left:


Temple OS of course!


In case Linux as we know it will die it will probably just get forked, however let’s say the project dies off completely I’ll probably move to Mac OS and wait for a BSD distro to get up to speed.


It is possible for Linux to die. Just stop using x86. if for example most consumer devices used ARM from any major manufacturer, they control the binary blobs, and could kill it when they wanted to. (correct me if im wrong)

Something else could come along, not GPLd and takes over linux. GPL protects us as end users, so without it it may be inaccessible or just not fit for purpose. You’ll still have Linux but it’ll be like BSD special purpose use.


just run a fork of linux in a virtual box on windows MacOS and use a tunnel out so the main OS can’t snaffle the network activity. And put every other device on my network into it’s own VLAN.

But it’s not going to happen, at least not for a good while longer.