I really want the Steam Controller now

It’s kinda… actually. Really expensive. But, anyhow. Yeah. I’m in Canada and this thing is balls-out, EXPENSIVE AF on Canadian Amazon.

I see it sold at US Walmarts. WHAAAA?! WHA?!

I feel helpless at this point. How the hell can I even get this thing ?

ALSO. What i’d really like to know. All the features sound great. But PLEASE tell me you can use it without having Steam run? That’d be a MASSIVE let-down. OMG…

Does Canada not have steam?

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I saw that already. Where the hell’s the option to buy? There’s a sale but no obvious way of purchasing it.

I have one, the controller is super light, and the button positioning makes it hard to use, honestly.

To use it without steam, look here.

But I personally regret wasting the money.


I haven’t used one but if the vive controllers are anything to go by the touch pads are nowhere near as good as analog sticks. And if it’s the same mechanism then they break really easily too.

One one it is nice for pre analog stick game emulators and strategy game or god games. Outside of that a Xbone or PS4 controller is better tbh.

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Steam support responded.

Steam Hardware is not shipped to Canada, we rely on our partners to distribute our products to your region.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue, but Steam Support cannot assist with inventory shortages or prices of other vendors.

Please contact your retailer for any updates.


Soooo… basically i’m fucked? I might have to check in person in places like Walmart. The Canadian version of EVERYTHING is fucking AIDS!

Use the search function on walmart.ca to search for something? Down to every correct letter? It won’t yield any search results. Fucking atrocious.


Alright. I’m confused about the Xbox One controllers. There are “PC” versions, one is wired, one is wireless? And then I hear it’s BOTH wired and wireless.

Oh yeah, and guys. Feel free to jump in on my Witcher 3 thread. Not sure why everyone goes Hellen Keller sometimes. Sort of thread related, too.

Any Xbox One controller can be used on PC.

I have one…

The steam controller is great, as an all-round “do everything controller”.

BUT. The XBOX controller is better for most games that are designed to work with a controller.

The steam controller, however can do things that an xbox controller simply can not. So it has its place. but unless you are gaming from the couch, are playing a “non-controller friendly PC game” and a mouse and keyboard is inconvenient or unusable, the XBOX controller is vastly superior.

same as @anon36666293 above basically. i agree 100%


In some ways they are superior to the analog sticks (far easier to get precision aiming, etc.), but it is definitely situation dependent. As per my notes above - for what the steam controller can do, there’s nothing better on the market. HOWEVER, if you don’t need the things only the steam controller can do, then it’s basically worse at games that are already controller friendly.

And that’s fine. Some of the reasons for that are compromises made to enable it to do the things it does.

Also… steam has a library of controller set ups. If you’ve only used one briefly and thought it was crap, it is definitely worth tweaking or trying alternative game-specific setups for it.

OP: if you’re looking for a controller for witcher 3, get an xbox one controller. they come in either wired or wireless. the wired one has a plenty long cable and no need for batteries.

I’ve used both XBONE and Steam controllers for that game and its just easier/better to use the XBONE controller. Its the PC de-facto standard controller and basically anything with controller support has a sensible button mapping for it out of the box.

I love my steam controller, bought two now. One is my mouse for my portable PC and the other the occasional mouse when I am lazy for my main PC but mostly my games controller

You can use it without steam but it is very basic, just a mouse as it defaults to “lizard mode” without steam to translate. Though on Linux it is a kernel module so you get all the functionality without steam running? I do not run Linux so I cannot confirm that.

They regular Bluetooth mode now as well for connecting to what ever you want.

The configuration options are near endless as to how you want and where you button and when they fire the sensitivity even a gyro.

As far I my opinion is concerned it is the best single input device for a PC.

Though there are things I would like improved.

I was going to get one in Australia…Steam cock blocked me and so Im sticking with mouse and keyboard but so many games target controllers,

my biggest pet hate is when some games are steam controller exclusives…

I ended up buying one just because one of my favourite games would only accept steam controller natively, other forms of getting it to work (mapping stuff etc) just didnt work properly.

I have rsi so switching from a kbm at work to a controller at home helps with my problem… and I hate being strong armed into getting one.

Sell yours to @Prenihility

Maybe give them a $x discount over what you paid for it as a Level 1 discount :smiley:

I have one. honestly it’s fun to use depending on the game. but it’s not the greatest controller tho. it’s terrible for shooters. and some RPGS depending how the combat system is.


Shipping to Canada is not cheap, lol. Would probably cost me just as much to ship it as I paid for it.

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I got one right away and never used it-- I appreciate with Valve was trying to do, and they came the closest to making couch PC gaming a reality without a lapboard, but it just didn’t cut the mustard.

If you want to game on the couch, get a lapboard. They’re rather expensive but good ones do exist now. Note, don’t buy the Razer Turret or Corsair Lapdog, their ergonomics suck rocks. Roccat is the way to go.

I have 2. I like them. Mouse-look with an analog joystick is like running a marathon with broken knees to me. Steam controller is like having stubbed toes. Recently beat Doom (2016) playing purely with the Steam controller. There was a learning curve, and I played on the easiest setting. But it was pretty easy by the end and I think I could up the difficulty.

Obviously not everyone likes them as much as I do, but they aren’t universally disliked.

If I were you, I’d see if you can pick up one on eBay, or hey, maybe someone here would sell one to you.

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  • I own and regularly use a Steam Controller
  • I own one, but don’t regularly use it
  • I don’t own one but want to!
  • I don’t own one and don’t want one either!
  • This right here is the loopy/bizarre Captain Poopypants poll option most of you are going to choose

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I would absolutely love mine if the ABXY buttons and trackpad had their positions switched. That’s the only real fault I have. The weight is a slight downside for me, but not something I couldnt get over.