I have lost interest in gaming and I dont know what to do

You don’t have to force it, I found myself rotating through games, anime, and tv shows. When I’m sick of playing, I watch animes and TV shows then eventually I start to miss playing games. I also enjoy going out and hanging out, you don’t have to play every free time you have.

Personally, I have tons of backlog games to play and I recently just started Fallout 4 and I’m having alotta fun over 129 hours now.

Some of the other games I’ve yet to play.

Batman Arkham Knight
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Just Cause 3
Divinity Original Sin 2
Witcher 3
and I literally have so much more to go.


So don’t stress it out. Gaming is always gonna be here waiting for you. Also, I personally don’t really pay attention to the politics of gaming, no need to give yourself extra unneeded stress. Just relax and have fun.

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the infection of modern triple a games with predatory micro transactions and gambling can really get rid of a lot of joy in them and anticipation for them.
maybe try some great indie games, where there is still love and passion put into the game.
examples are: hollow knight, dead cells, the end is nigh, light fall (all 2d though, because i’m graphics card impaired atm)

Install Linux and learn it :smiley:

Maybe try drinking and gaming? Also there are other options too that could make gaming interesting again for you.

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Drinking and gaming tends to work better either via multiplayer online games, or consoles.

Consoles best for that…

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Well I am done with the bottle and after watching Level 1 Techs while drinking and The Young Turks I am ready for some NHL 18. I agree though I should have done the gaming first so failed again.

I-am on the same boat but i installed a ps2 emulator on pc and downloaded Burnout takedown and flatout 2.
And i enjoy it soooo much sitting with my girlfriend on the couch with two ps3 controllers (bluetooth ftw).

I also downloaded a PSP emulator with LocoRoco. the joy playing this on my flatscreen…

It’s like going back 10+ years and experiencing it all over again but better.

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FYI If you’re going to use pcsx2, !USE THE NEWEST (1.5) GITHUB VERSION!

Just got the multiplayer beta for Stardew Valley. My gf and I started a farm. We just got chickens! Lots of fun :smiley:

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might have to give this a go :smiley:

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Oh yeah its hella fun. You can apparently play with up to 3 other people too.

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It’s called instant gratification. You play amazing life like games most of the time, each new gen needing to be leaps ahead of the last to be fun.

Take a long break. When you’re ready, just play a handful of games you love. Don’t hit gaming hard, just now and again. You’ll soon feel the fun again.

Like anything and everything in life.

Well in general i am in the same phase; not enough time and even when i have time i find it hard to just open a game to play. I will play a game mostly when friends are involved. But there are couple of games (single player ones) that i can still play.
-Deus ex series
-The Talos Principle
-L.A. Noire
-Grand theft auto: San andreas
-Age of empires series
-Command & Conquer series
-Fallout 1&2 (for some reason i prefer this over to the first person perspective)

With luck one day at a time you’ll never play again

Got any good resources to start this?

A good start is just search for your cpu and motherboard and learn as much about what does what on the mb. Overclockers.com is a good start and the other overclocking channels

Doubt there would be much on my mobos since it’s an Intel dual socket server board and a h97 board :laughing: but I’ll give it a go

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All I know is the FX on the 970 chipset and Kavari on the 68. I did dind that even with my fav games the “last played” gets longer and longer. Sometimes 2 months or so.

Lately most have my gaming is one or two rounds of csgo. Good news is hunting season will be here shortly. No game has come close to the feeling I get when a formation of killer ducks starts to aproach my duck blind. Even though ducks don’t have teeth I know each one I knock out of the sky helps humanity :slight_smile:

A lot of them now adays are half baked games with lootcrates, Day1 DLC, multiplayer focused, and pay to win models rather than just a good fuckin’ game.

Help me Elder scrolls 6. you’re my only hope.