I have lost interest in gaming and I dont know what to do

Yep. And the extra steps required when the game is on Steam but still requires another application that, chances are, you don’t keep up to date so playing the game requires you to wait for the other client to update before you can update the game to finally play it.
That is precisely why I barely play anything that’s on Origin. When I’m in the mood for BF1, I need to wait for all of that and the interest ends up elsewhere.

New releases are no longer a question of “will this game be good?” It’s a question of “Will this game be good? Will it be broken at launch? How hard are they going to try ripping money from my wallet? Do I need an account on another game client? etc.” It’s as though they don’t want you to buy their products.

So many games are built to cash in on trends now and it’s rare for a game to really “Wow” me with something interesting. The only new AAA games I’ve purchased in the past two years are Mario Odyssey, BOTW, and God of War.

At this point I would often rather boot up an emulator to play gamecube and ps2 games.

The death of “true” expansions to games doesn’t help keep players around either. A perfect example (of all the issues really) is Destiny 2. The final “expansion” is mostly comprised of repurposed content from the base game.

cough EA

Same here. I used to game all the time. Now it’s usually 1-2 month between I fire a game up. And it’s usually one I have completed already. At the moment I’m playing Mad Max. Last time was Bioshock 2, about 2 months ago.
Many new games doesn’t say me anything. A few of the games I might want to play only works in windows xp. So I bought HD7980 for pass trough to a windows xp VM. And now I can get some fun trying to make it work :slight_smile:

But many new games doesn’t speak to me. As other have mentioned, they’re often a rehash of the same formula.
Instead I have picked up an interest in virtuelisation. So that’s what I’m going to tinker with instead for most of the time :slight_smile:

The Internet: “I can´t enjoy games anymore. HELP ME!”

Meanwhile, my parents: “You enjoy games. YOU NEED HELP!”

Yeah that is definitelly something.
And i´m exally a bit suprised about the changes that Fedora is making regarding to be more open to things like that.

Can’t entirely agree. I think the best comparison might be TV or film. While most of it is just there for the sake of stimulation and/or titillation, there are some that can be thought provoking, educational, challenge preconceptions or just plain moving. While it might be true that some games appeal to the lowest common denominator, it’s wrong to dismiss the entire medium as masturbutory.

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Sometimes you have to wait to find the game you like

I would like a new Perfect Dark, guess I’ll be waiting for years if and when it comes.

For some reason I love linear FPS games.

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Feel the same, at least for singleplayer games. After the Witcher 3 its impossible to go back to to games from the likes of Ubisoft and EA. I basically havent enjoyed a single player game since last time I completed W3.

Games to enjoy if you hate the greedy industry:
-Witcher 3 + all dlc

  • Last of us
  • Uncharted
  • Original Sin 2

Anyway, if you can’t get excited for them either then I guess you just have to go get a life instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: If you haven’t been into competitive gaming in the past, give it a shot.


Last of us was so good. It was a fine meal in a sea of fast food.

In that analogy Uncharted is probably the sweetest popcorn ever. Especially Uncharted 2 was incredible for it’s time and is still a lot of fun today if you haven’t played it yet. One of my absolute favorite games.

But yeah, I also don’t care for most of today’s “TRIPPLE AAAYY” stuff.
Last games I finished were Firewatch, Thimbleweed Park and Torchlight 2…

Jim Sterling had a video the other day about platform exclusive titles and how those are basically the only ones left that are still made to be good games. And I think he is right. Very few multiplatform titles have even been worth a look lately, especially from the big publishers. UBI is copy / pasting the same half a dozen franchises onto the same open world crap. EA is happily killing off studios (does Criterion still exist?) WB is probably gonna sell you Batman in Mordor next year …

And then there is the whole lootbox thing and the launch day DLC and the ingame money and all the shit that is just in the way of actually playing.

The reason is very simple, linear games can actually be designed in detail , visually, story wise and from a gameplay perspective. You can’t really do that in open world titles. Not to the same degree.

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I got away from it and really got into overclocking
To test my overclock I tried it out on Battlefront and Crysis 3
“Oh this is kinda fun!” :slight_smile:

Great thing about overclocking is if you screw up it segways into upgrading and buying stuff.

Seen you like shooters. If Deus Ex is on your fav games list, and if you want immersion, try the latest Prey, just don’t read too much about it so you won’t get spoilers.
Oh, Kingdom Come Deliverance is a very unique game & good game if you like something like Skyrim but want something more realistic.

Later edit: If it’s linear that you want then you should try the newest Doom or Wolfenstein. But in my book linear != interesting. If you know or can anticipate how the road is going to be like, why spend time travelling?

I’ve been having a similar issue. Recently I have been playing through the Bioshock series and have been really enjoying that.

What he said.
Being of service to another is our highest calling.

segue* (; just so you know, it is actually very common for people to spell it that way. Segway’s are those nerd wheel things

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I feel very much the same… gaming has lost it’s appeal to me too.

Absolutely give this a go. I haven’t enjoyed a game as much as I did Prey in ages.

If I were to describe it… It’s a somewhat Half-Life-meets-Bioshock kinda vibe.

I never beat Torchlight 2, I get most of the way through the game then do a different build to compare and keep doing it over and over again then after not playing it for a week can’t remember what I was playing so I make a new character and then I decide to make a different build…

I like 1 more for one simple reason… 1 have a summoner class… 2 does not…

I like 2 better than one for one simple reason: I can play it native on linux.
Also I don’t like summoner classes. :wink:

@sycpuppy Yeah, I get what you mean. I just wanted to finish it once but I will probably also look at different builds at some point.

I’ve done (another) fresh start of Borderlands 2.

Have Prey, it didn’t grab me. YMMV, but… meh. Ditto for Wolfenstein 2 (got both with Vega). Looks pretty, but maybe i’ve just grown out of formulaic FPS games.

If you haven’t played it, Dragon Age: Origins is worth it. Ditto if you missed Witcher 3.