I have lost interest in gaming and I dont know what to do

So I have a problem where I cannot get excited for anything gaming related these days. I dont know if it is how greedy and cut throat the industry is or the constant volley of same shit new coat of paint, micro transactions/loot crate nonsense every year.

There was a time when I could not wait till E3 every year. Now I just cringe at the thought of E3. I feel as if I have had to much of a good thing and not in a good way.

I am just really bummed out with gaming in general.

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I concure. There’s still a few good ones out there. But sometimes things run their course.
I recently built a retro console PC for emulation…


do you ever just quit out of a game midway?


Honestly my back catalog is so massive I’ve been out of touch with what’s going on in games.


I’ve been like this for a few years now. I haven’t gotten into a new game is a very long time. I have trouble sticking with play throughs of older games, even, which is extremely frustrating for me. Maybe age related? It’s not like I’ve replaced gaming with a worthwhile substitute, either. Mainly watching old(ish) TV shows and an unhealthy amount of YouTube.


Yes. I have, all of the COD single player campaigns since Advanced Warfare. I had to force myself to beat Far Cry 3 I am struggling to play Far Cry 4 as well. I have a back log of Xbox One and 360 games I have not beaten. First party releases, like Perfect Dark Zero, Dead Rising, the list goes on.


Im facing the same problem. honestly i would suggest just going retro or not even playing at all for a few weeks and come back and play your favorite game. something simple yet attention grabbing.

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Three words

Enjoy it occasionally instead of constantly


Go outside, do real world things.

Drink beer, talk to women/men/etc., ride motorcycles, do sports, etc.

Take up coding, learn something, etc.

Gaming, fun as it is/was is a diversion, and diversions are generally a waste of time. If you aren’t enjoying it, do something else.

Most games these days lose my interest after 30-90 minutes. I’m only gaming these days when i have nothing else do to, and that’s getting more and more rare now…

If nothing else, getting outside and doing other stuff will make coming back to gaming a bit more of a novelty after you’ve been away from it for a while.


These days I don’t bother much with a lot of ‘aaa’ games. A lot of them are boring, for a while I found I just couldn’t get into playing a game then I played Deus Ex Human Revolution it was great. First game I played all the way to the end In a while.

My advice is be picky. The last couple of far crys for example aren’t exactly the most engaging of games in the world, (down right boring and repetitive really) it’s no wonder your struggling with it.


As AVE has said, gaming is mental masturbation. Its fun while it lasts but it’s not something you will take with you in memory. Go out a build something or better yourself. Going up one level doesn’t stick with you like learning or experiencing something new does.


My suggestion: buy yourself a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino board. Add a shit ton of sensors and go ham with it. My friends gifted my a Raspberry Pi three years ago and since than I’ve been using it constantly doing many projects. It doesen’t matter if I tear down what I did immediatly because the goal is to learn and get where you want to get. Also you can just write a guide to yourself if you want to replicate a project in the future.
One last thing you might like doing instead of videogames are board games or RPGs like D&D and many of his siblings. Gather a bunch of friends and play something like Munchkin if you’re into fantasy things. Another awesome game is Illuminati if you want something more complex that requires strategy.

You have to want to play something. Nowadays people are still calling indie games and AAA games different categories, but honestly a game from Eidos is the same as a game from Devolver or Chucklefish to me. I care very little about the amount of money pumped into a game and only care about what the game has to offer.

Examples: Rainworld and Ghost of a Tale. Actually Kingdom Come as well since I have waited 5 or 6 years for it now.

Each of these are games I want to play really really bad, and I am a quake / counterstrike veteran. I jsut got rainworld and I’m working on getting steam to work in wine. Go have a look at those games yourself, they are really cool.

And I mean, fuck, stardew valley is getting a multiplayer update soon, Slime Rancher is AWESOME, just… I dunno, ignore the bad games like Battlefield and NFS and play something good. I don’t even watch E3, haven’t since the XBOX ONE was announced. What is that, 6 years? Me and my friends used to have 3 day long parties where we would watch E3 all day, have a round table discussion at the end of it, sleep, wake up and get breakfast, then back to E3. This was a regular thing for us from 2006 to 2011. We were DEDICATED. But… The industry has become more underground like it was in the 90’s. And you know what, I’m happy about that. Because when I find a game I want to play its always a good one.

And TBH with you, a few months ago I was burned out and needed a break too. Turned off my machine, used a box taht can’t game very well but could get my work done, and went for 2 weeks without PC games. It was refreshing to go back to CSGO and pubstomp again.

Metroidvania games really reinvigorated my passion for gaming. Might not be your thing, though.

As @thro suggested, maybe your time is better suited for something else? Give FreeBSD a try, learn C the Hard Way, and build something epic.

Or, get Visual Studio and Unity or Unreal Engine kit and make the game you want to play. Chances are others will want to as well.

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I haven’t really been gaming all that much recently. The most I did was some Factorio a couple of weeks ago. Mostly it’s just been that I had other things to do, but my interest has lulled considerably.

I was looking at VRChat because that looks like a lot of really batshit crazy fun, but I haven’t managed to get Riftcat working yet… and I’m not sure I’m ready to drop that much cash on a headset just for one game. I know you can play it without a headset but then that just seems to defeat the purpose.

Why force it?


Also, I’m in the same boat of the game not having any staying power. I’ll play a couple to few rounds of Insurgency or an hour or so of my Mass Effect play through, then I will get this immense feeling of boredom and feel like I could be doing something better with my time.

So far I haven’t really done anything better with my time, though.

For me it seems like there’s a cycle. I’ll go a month or two without playing a game at all, then I’ll get the urge to play a game. I’ll play for a week or two, then the desire will fall off and I’ll go another month or two without touching a game. During that time there are moments where I’d like to play, but I always give up before I even attempt to start.

There are a lot of good old games… I fully understand what you mean, since I haven’t played anything more recent that Banished, Dark Souls and Skyrim. So yeah. But then again, some times I play games like Roller coaster tycoon and remember how good and pleasurable gaming could be.
Yeah, there haven’t been much niceness in the gaming world recently, but who said I care about recent games? I still play old games I enjoy.
PS: now that I actually have a decent CPU I must try to play Patapon again… On my previous system it was lagging a bit, but now this system should run the emulator fine.

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I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley lately and find it quite relaxing.

Dark souls!

However every year I get more and more selective about what new games I play. They all seem the same.

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