I got fubar

Tldr dont fucking use that new cool looking primochill vue shit.
A smurf just took a shit into my waterloop.
my WHOLE system is brass (rads) or nickel plated copper (blocks and barbs)
with primochill primoflex advanced lrt tubing in 1/2 in

This was a primochill Vue coolant with all primochill advanced LRT tubing
And it went South so fast
it was less than 2 months

before it was on straight distilled water with silver killcoil in the system
everything was fine for years


Go directly to Jayztwocents. Looks like this is a nightmare scenario for this fluid.


Why on earth should be go to Jayztwocents? Based off of what I’ve seen on various subreddits and forums it seems that Vue is having a lot of issues…


I asked him to take a look at it but
I think all he saw was the picture of my GPU and said it would clean out
Trying to prod him further without getting response

Jay is the resident nerd water cooling specialist so I wanted his opinion at least on those radiators

Well praise be to whatever deity you may or may not respect and or pray too
the Asus card EK waterblock doesn’t seem to be too messed up
large portions of nickel missing but I do see around the edges by the O-ring decoration nothing as bad as the Seahawk though

What a horror show tho
My good god look at those fins.
Im fuckin SURE this was getting good flow huh?


Ugh what a mess. It seems quite a common thing for fluids or additives like that to gunk up systems. They are for display systems only, not for serious work i reckon. Did it get a bit too hot?

Find something that gunk is soluble in, and see if you can make a small loop out of a rad, pump and res. Hopefully you can shake crap out of it and get most of it mobile again., esp if you have some air in there.
Otherwise, you don’t have much option. Unless you want to disassemble the radiators.

You can probably pull a bit of cloth through the tubes to drag the crap out of them.

Water blocks should be cleanable with a toothbrush if you open them up carefully.

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In my opinion he is more like the - Self claimed nerd sellout would say anything for dem monies


Very horrific images :open_mouth:

I think I would be crying if this happened to me.


I wonder if it reacts with flexible tubing. That seems to be the worst affected. Im not a water cooler myself.

From Jayz review it seems like the fluids micro particles where abrasive in he described the fluid cleaning the block. Could also be its wearing down the flex tubing into little gummed up balls.

My 2 cents. Hope you sort it out.

Anyone know if i can jist get replacement o-rings ?
For g1/4 barbs??
Might cost me 50-60 usd for all new barbs…

I went down to an AutoZone and bought a box of compatible size O-rings for a whopping 799 also got a little multi-tool with the Torx lock turns up my MSI I needed Torx 8 and 10 and a micro Phillips
Although unfortunately even it only being about 8 months old I’ve noticed a lot of the nickel plating just completely eaten away photographs below definitely going to have to send it back in
sadlly the ek seahawk is prettttty jacked up

Have a look for a local fittings store and take in a sample o-ring to see what they have. I can’t imagine it is a custom size. Hardware shops / hose & fittings shops etc.

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My condolences.

Stuff like that is why I noctua all the things.

I don’t mean that in a “haha, look at that mess” way but simply as I wouldn’t deal with that very well … at all. I would just get a hammer and end it.

Hope you can sort it out better than I would. xD


I really dont wanna crack open my gpu and cpu blocks. Lesigh
Dont even know IF i can do the koolance qdc’s…

call out the Chill
Git a block

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Acetone might help, it is less viscous than water which means it should be able to clean all your stuff better. Just check if you can use Acetone with the “plastik” on the blocks because it may have a reaction. If there is no info on the internet get a bottle of acetone and put a little drop of it on top and be ready to clean with water. if there is no reaction after 1 hour ( it may be slow ) it should be safe to use.

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I was looking into replacing the radiators because God only knows what kind of problems corrosion and rust on the inside of those would do it seems that replacement triple radiators would be about $70 each and moving up to quadruple radiators would be closer to $90 each and I would use three units replacing some of my barbs 6 to 8 to 10 would be about 30 bucks / 6 units monsoons would be good because they come plated with antimicrobial silver so being the same price as the swiftech one’s per unit I say that’s not bad

Knowing me,
if I have to buy new radiators anyway
I would probably go up a size that would be 12x120 mm worth of radiator space…
Yeah that’s pretty excessive…
But I mean he’ll I already have 9 x worth and they get warm when I’m leaving my system online all night…

I think tomorrow I will get up and take a couple of those barbs to a hardware store and see if they might have o rings on hand although I do like the idea of those Monsoon fittings already being impregnated with antimicrobial silver the way I see it is more silver Less Problems

What is the difference with ordinary silver ? If none why don’t you put some silver in the water tank to kill off microbes ?

Looking at the coolant, how are you even surprised? Stuff like this is meant for trade show rigs not long term use.


Anti microbial silver is just silver.



About a month-and-a-half

Same shit as a kill coil but if it is touching every fitting in my Loop that would be a little bit more contact and I like that idea