I got fubar

Still too long. Shouldn’t use stuff like that more than a week.

The Vue website is very specific about loop cleanliness, especially when coming from another coolant or liquid, and has a ton of procedural caveats that look like a major pain to follow well:


Bottle Size: 32 fluid ounces
Shelf Life: 2 years (unopened)
Mix Ratio: None-Ready to use

Additives / Fluids: VUE (same color only).
Do not mix ANY additional additives, coolants or silver coils with Vue. This will change the formulation of Vue causing undesirable results.
Vue is NOT compatible with Mayhems Pastel fluid. Results may vary even after a full system flush if your loop previously had Mayhems pastel.
Not compatible with any aluminum components including radiators.
Safe to use with all rubber gaskets, acrylic tubing, pvc tubing, petg tubing, glass tubing, as well as nickel and copper components.
Use of certain cleaners and coolants (such as Mayhems Blitz,Thermaltake C1000 or EK Cryofuel) in your loop prior to VUE require extensive cleaning due to coating of the components. Vue should be used at your own risk only after extensive cleaning.
Known incompatible components include but NOT limited to:
Any Wetted Aluminum
Thermaltake Brand - Radiators
EK Aluminum Kits
Enermax - NEOChanger Reservoir



PrimoChill has gone to great lengths to make Vue as easy to use as possible, but please keep in mind that Vue is for experienced users looking for that extra aesthetic and requires more attention and maintenance. During the filling of your loop, induction of any air is NOT recommended. Allowing the pump to suck air into the loop or running it dry may cause PrimoChill Vue to break down and fail. Slowly add PrimoChill Vue to your system to make sure you are not adding any additional air into the system. It’s recommended to have direct manual control over the speed/power of your pump when adding PrimoChill Vue to your loop. Run it at a medium-low speed with the ability to turn off the pump quickly if necessary. Cycling your pump on and off during the filling process will help in reducing the amount of air that you allow into the system.

For best results, use Vue with a newly built watercooling loop. If this is not possible, first ensure that each component is thoroughly cleaned by hand and dried.

Vue has a HIGH attraction to dyes. It’s possible that Vue may leach old dyes out of components that had previous dyed coolants ran through them (radiators in particular). No amount of flushing with water will remove all previous dyes. This may result in Vue changing color slightly. For best results flush your system with PrimoChill System ReBoot prior to using VUE in existing systems that contained dyed coolant.

Continuous circulating VUE 24/7 will breakdown Vue quickly causing loss in effect as well as possible build up in the system.

Please be advised that the color and texture of Vue may change slightly compared to the fluid in the bottle over time once you put it in your loop. Vue may develop clear areas in the top of the reservoir and tubes as it reacts with metals and chemicals in your loop resulting in a slightly thicker fluid. This will not impact the performance of Vue. Running the pump will return Vue to its original state.

This product is NOT intended to be used in conjunction with any other coolant or additive. Vue contains biological inhibitors so no additional coolant or additives are needed. Adding anything extra could result in adverse effects and will void all support and warranty. Please keep a close eye on the fluid and parts in your loop. Drain and inspect immediately if any sign of growth or corrosion develops. PrimoChill recommends replacing Vue every 4-6 months (or sooner) for best results!

PrimoChill is not responsible for any hardware damage. Use at your own risk.

Filling Instructions

Filling instructions:

Please read warning tab before filling.

Pour Vue into your cooling loop so the inlet of the pump is completely full of fluid. If you have a reservoir, fill the resevoir 1/2 way with Vue. Once the pump has Vue present, cycle the pump for 1-2 seconds so the air that is trapped in the pump can be pushed out by the incoming Vue coolant. Continue cycling the pump and adding coolant to the loop until Vue has made itself all the way through the loop and all the air in the system has been purged. This process could be time consuming depending on the size and mounting configuration of your specific radiators. This step of bleeding air out is critical as air can reduce Vue’s long term reliability.

For optimal results, choose which method below applies to you:

Adding Vue To A New Loop:

Just use PrimoChill Sysprep to get your system ready for Vue.

Switching To Vue In A Pre-existing Loop:

If you are changing out your current coolant with Vue then please prep your system with our new PrimoChill System Reboot.

Continuous cirulating VUE 24/7 will severely decrease lifespan. Turn the pump off when system not in use. Vue should not be moving for more than 8 hours continuously.

I would contact Sterling PC as I believe he’s had his hands on a lot more of the Vue than Jay has.

They do not recommend using silver, so I would avoid it.

Don’t use acetone where plastics will ever be in contact, it can melt some types.

O-rings are super cheap and come in a million sizes, taking the barbs with you (and the o-rings) is a good idea.


Supposedly plain white vinegar is good for cleaning copper.

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IIRC he claims that it had a cleaning/polishing effect.

This is why I will only ever use distilled water with dye, or some sort of coolant based on distilled water.

And NEVER anything opaque or “pastel”. If I wanted that look I would be using tubing with a solid color because… why not? If I want the tubes to be a solid color why not just paint them that color?

I’ve never gotten an answer from anyone to that question. Why not just paint the frigging tubing?


most paint jobs dont look as good as a uniform extruded plastic, much less than clear tubes and color

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Okay then just get colored tubing? I’m sure it exists. I know UV reactive colored tubing exists so I’m fairly certain opaque colored tubing probably exists.


I do worry now though since I am using a Primochill dye mixed with distilled water.

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This was a primochill Vue coolant with all primochill advanced LRT tubing
And it went South so fast it was less than 2 months
Or as before on straight distilled water with silver in the system everything was fine for years

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Right now I’m using Primochill UV green dye mixed with distilled water, and my fittings have silver in them (Monsoon chaingun fittings) allegedly.

I’m probably due for a teardown and inspection I guess. Almost at the 1 year mark with only one drain and refill in that time.

Haven’t noticed any leaks or loss in fill level on the reservoir…yet, nor have I noticed anything floating about.

I was about to switch over to a Mayhems UV coolant. Clear/UV-Blue.

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honestly the insides of my radiators probably bother me the most besides the nickel plating on that GPU I’m about to take apart the more expensive GTX 1080 Asus now this one also has an EK waterblock

what troubles me about the Asus is I don’t know if manufacturer warranty is still valid at this point it is older than the MSI

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I went with an XSPC block on my 1080ti FE.

If something happened to that card I would probably need to be hospitalized and medicated to prevent some sort of rage based incident. It runs so cool and stable…and the prices right now are…fucking insane.

I go with EVGA for a reason. Their customer service is freaking amazing, as is their warranty.

on the inside what’s left of my emotions are breaking right now

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(oh that gif is amazing)

Did you experience a leak or discover all this with a routine teardown?

In january i got my 3 bottles of primochill vue blue
And i replaced my distilled water.
At the end of january my fluid had completely disassociated and i started talking to their rma depo.
They sent me 15ft of softtube
Think i should talk to them about how fucked up my whole loop is?
If msi and godforbid ek wont help me
Ill definitely be a little more distraught

I’d definitely be asking what they’re going to do about my damaged cooling equipment.

I’m hoping your actual hardware is okay and there were no leaks. Let’s be honest here and realize that those are FAR more valuable than the cooling equipment. While that’s expensive, the price of a GPU right now is enough to have built a system 2 years ago.

Well, if you scroll up u can see the msi waterblocks nickel is all fucked up
And tbats like 8 months ish… old

Need a philips to open my $950 asus O8g…

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By hardware I meant GPU, CPU, Motherboard, etc.

I would hope you kept the original GPU shroud etc?


Well, the msi is a seahawk ek x
So it came with the ek waterblock.
The asus stock cooler… SHOULD be in storage i think…

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I dont know how to open the apogee xl cpu block.

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