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I dont understand hatred toward ubuntu


You know they switched to GNOME as the default now right? But yeah I agree it wasn’t very usable for certain configurations.

As time goes on and technology moves forward, things will inevitably get left behind. The line in the sand needs to be redrawn ever so often.

That said, at least its usable on a system with 4GiB of RAM. When I was using Windows 10 Enterprise the system was practically unusable on anything less than 12 GiB of RAM. The hangups and swapping was ridiculous.


I remember sitting in IRC chat in the late 90s listening to the grey beards preaching shit like “Friends don’t let friends use RedHat”. It was for newbs.

Well look at RedHat now. The leading Enterprise linux distribution by miles and miles.

The best thing you can do is find the distro that works for YOU. Know what you want out of a distro, and find the one that offers you that. Distro wars are for retards imo.


lol your second reply to my quote answered your first reply.

My main concern is that someone who buys a laptop for under 700 £/€ /$ and decides to install normal Ubuntu ,will be disappointed by the performance and stutter that the gnome desktop causes for weird reasons. Its very strange at this day and age for a desktop to hang you mouse movement while loading some software while there is still plenty RAM available, yet gnome does that. Things like this are a massive put off for newcomers to Linux, especially if they were sold on the idea of better performance.


Hmmm, yeah I just read my reply back and now I see it.

Regarding the GNOME issue, I have never had that in my experience. I’m sure its real for some people though.


I am buying this.

thanks for the link! hahaha


usually when it comes to linux distros, it’s like commenting on which religion you prefer, everyone gets all riled up, and gets out their pitchforks, and torches.
I run Ubuntu as well, it gets my job done so far, and gets out of the way, so i like it.

If you really wanna get them riled up next time, try mentioning which Desktop environment you use, that’s usually a wasps nest you don’t wanna stick you hand into.


I also remember this. They were all pushing for slackware or bsd back then. On the bright side, it did get me to try BSD and it was the first time I ran a game server out of my house (RIP Bnetd).

. . . .okay minor derailing of thread . . . .


I don’t really use GNOME though these days. I might use a few programs that use GTK3 if that’s what you meant.


Wait, even GNOME 3.30 is bad on resources? Don’t know about CPU but I thought they cut RAM usage down to 600 MB. Which is still higher than KDE, KDE is like 450-500 MB and that is considered heavy to some.

Seems like all of the art designers go to GNOME since they tend to have better looking icons and stuff. The DE is a bit neat to use but it’s so minimal and depends too much on extensions.

My problem though really isn’t GNOME, it’s the fact that people aim for it to be the only DE for Linux and that can cause problems within software development you know.

Void Linux seems to help a lot with that though surprisingly, one of the greatest obscure (hardly obscure though) distros.

We barely moved forward from Sandy Bridge on the CPU side of things performance wise, as for RAM DDR4 is as expensive as sin though it is at least cheap enough to get 4 GB.

That said GNOME’s bloatedness is pretty overstated since I have used GNOME with only 4 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i3 3110M with Intel HD 4000 and that ran fine. Even on Wayland it wasn’t terrible.


it also doesnt help when people like lunduke talk shit about a product and make fun of it in his talks. I get its all in fun but does tend to set the wrong tone for fanboys.

For example alot of people talk shit on plasma. I am running the newest version on manjaro and it is probably one of the nicest experiences i have had in a long time.


I’d agree with that.

But Unity = not all ubuntu is.

I’d say gnome is trash too to be honest. And later versions of KDE are also trash but to a lesser extent.

But that’s a window manager/desktop environment problem, and you can run any window manager you like.


Ubuntu is trash, but so is Mint. Arch is the one true faith.


Slackware with fvwm for the win


when i started running X11, 8MB (yes, with an M) was plenty :smiley:


The irony is so thick that I choked.


I thought the same lol


Until an update eats your root partion. But hey, at least you use Arch! Lol at automated installs! Scripts are bloat! Manual labor is where it’s at!


I’ve been using Arch for almost five years and that’s never happened. Also shit does happen regardless of OS. So make backups. Also, you can automate everything have you never used systemd? I’d still rather write the scripts myself then try to decipher Ubuntu’s backwards way of doing things


And so we’re back to the holy distro/DE wars. It took one day and not even 60 Posts for this thread to go from “Distro doesn’t matter” and “Use what works for you” to “gnome is trash” and “btw i use Arch”.

I get that some of those comments are certainly ironic or sarcastic, but in the end, every single one of us is helping build preconceptions for or against certain things. New people reading here will now forever (or for a long time) remember that gnome is bad.

WIth DE’s for me, it’s been the same as with Distros. None is perfect. Gnome is on the slower end (which they are working on), KDE is finicky or “unstable” at times, xfce is dated, i3 is limiting etc. They all do their job in one way or another. I have a great time looking at all of those and rotating what i use, but saying one is better than the other is like saying Lasagne is better than Ceasars Salad. Two totally different approaches to food.


I was definitely being facetious in what I said I know us Archers can be pretty insufferable at times. But yeah I mean as long as we all know Microsoft is the devil that’s all that matters <3


Oh and i love Arch for it. The amount of pure love it’s userbase developed for their chosen project is felt in every single part of it. In it’s focus, openness and documentation.

And yeah, Microsoft. As a sysadmin for 99% Windows Systems, it’s hard to avoid them. I’m keeping a close eye on them though. Especially now that they “love linux” and start to incorporate it. “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish”, wasn’t it?