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I dont understand hatred toward ubuntu


Yeah I’m extremely skeptical. Especially since all the big players have bought seats as chairs of the Linux Foundation. That and the whole code of conduct changes. Like, Linus is an asshole. That’s why we love him. He’s a no bullshit guy who’s the perfect figure head for Linux. You can’t take that away from him or us. Its quite the troubling time.


For Linux DEs, I’d say it’s like saying that cat poop is better than dog poop when found in your laundry basket.

Unfortunately, the Linux desktop environment was better in 2003 than it is today in my opinion.

it was certainly more stable with equivalent functionality. KDE2.0/3.0 was great. The later versions are an unstable mess.

The year of the linux desktop looks like it is going to come about by Microsoft going steadily backwards at a far greater rate of knots than the Linux desktop, it would appear.

I like Linux as a platform but damn it’s frustrating seeing the desktop environment mess at the moment. On the hardware/3d side great strides are being made, but i genuinely feel that KDE 2.x/3.x were better for actually getting things done than the current offerings today.

Anyway, bit of a tangent. Any DE will run on ubuntu, the default desktop environment is irrelevant really, unless you’re the type who considers Kubuntu/ubuntu/etc. as different distros. They aren’t, really. Just different installed packages.

Shitting on Ubuntu because of Unity or Gnome is like taking a dump on Gentoo because the version you saw had FVWM95 as the default DE


The difference between Ubuntu and Mint is like the difference between an apple wrapped in blue paper and an apple wrapped in red paper.

Mint develops the Cinnamon desktop and a small handful of applications. It themes MATE and XFCE. It maintains a very small repository. (Compare with Everything else in Mint, including kernels, is an Ubuntu package, sourced directly from Ubuntu’s repos.

Mint is a polished, successful distribution. But insistence that it is fundamentally different and, hence, better, than the Ubuntu LTS it is based on reflects misinformation, not reality.


Under different leadership in a different time. There was no AWS, no Azure, no Google Cloud with hard evidence that Linux was dominating the world. No IoT devices, no mobile phones with the Linux kernel in every pocket, no tablet replacing laptops with with Linux kernel, etc. There was just an Apache statistic saying that 60% of servers on the Internet were running Apache.


Don’t care.

Regarding EEE and Linux, Google is literally doing that with Fuchsia, but because you can run “Linux apps” people are gushing over the innovation. They cornered a chunk of the market utilizing Linux and now are replacing it with their own system.

But yeah, let’s all point fingers at Microsoft.


I’m certainly not pointing any fingers (and if i did, certainly not ONLY at Microsoft).

Yes, Linux is everywhere. It has been for years. But that’s hardly relevant for my personal usage of it. In the segment i care about (which is desktop computers and Latops), Linux is still a minority. And all the Android Phones and Servers in the world don’t do anything to bring Linux closer to the general population. No one cares if Android is running a Linux Kernel. For 99.9% of people its a phone with something made by google.

I don’t say that large corporations like Microsoft, Google and others getting in on the Linux Party is necesarrily a bad thing. Some of those just have a history of not producing good out of such ventures. Because of that, i’ll watch closely what all of those do to Linux.

In the end, if we don’t like the direction, we fork it and continue from there. At least, because it’s open, they can’t take it from us. Finally, although opinions can be discussed, maybe have Lunduke’s “Linux sucks 2018” Presentation a watch. He made some points exactly on thise very topic.


I was speaking in general. There is still talk of Microsoft like Windows XP just released.

And the ever loathsome community is going to keep it that way, I fear. Any time (I’ve seen) a developer makes an effort to port or make something with Linux, a stream of toxicity comes their way and they just throw the middle finger and abandon the project or development.

I agree, Google is one of the worst when it comes to accosting developers working on a similar open source project to one of their products. My point above is Microsoft releasing .NET Core, PowerShell Core, and working with other communities to release the Windows Subsystem for Linux isn’t what people should be worrying about, it’s the actions Google are taking, effectively EEE, that everyone seems to be ignoring or celebrating. Hypocrisy at its finest, because they use Mac and loved open source first, I guess.

Cliff notes? I’ll take a hard pass. It’s almost an hour of someone I truly can’t stand. He’s another that I find riddled with hypocrisy, doom & gloom, and ignorance.

From what I remember of the Linux sucks of the past, he said pretty much what I align with: The community sucks, Linux isn’t user friendly but it’s a powerful system you can somewhat control, etc.


Back on topic please?


Linux distributions are like different species of frogs. They may appear different on the outside, but when you dissect them they are all pretty much the same underneath.


When I was starting to use Linux way back when I encountered occasionally these “distribution X sucks lololol” arguments, and mostly they were about Ubuntu being some how inferior. I stared with Ubuntu, and despite some occasional distro hops I’m still using Ubuntu and almost always recommend it to anyone who is interested at trying out Linux.

Reason why I joined L1T forums after lurking little bit was that here I feel discussion about Linux and tech in general is sophisticated and well grounded. I know that discussion about different distributions (and pretty much about anything) can get heated even here, but at least members try to explain their reasons why they prefer one distribution over another. And in general I feel members here make the effort of being nice to each other.

Can’t say the same about Youtube comments…


I started with Antergos then when to Arch ultimately switching to Ubuntu due to its good application support, ease of use and setup. As much as I enjoyed Antergos, Ubuntu is probably my go to distro for the foreseeable future.


Ubuntu was the first distribution I tried. Can’t say my experience with it was a negative one. The one click graphics driver installation was a godsend, especially since I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I have since moved away from Ubuntu. I think my main reason for leaving Ubuntu is that I no longer want my entire experience tailored for me.


I think the historical hatred is still there but becoming redundant.

Every distro is pretty much install and go. Im not distro hopping any more as I settled down. Fedora now even has a box in the software app to allow 3rd party / commercial software. Bang Nvidia drivers etc etc. Again Fedora (cause I am using it) install a audacity flatpak and you got to mp3, aac formats. I just made a ringtone last week and saved it .m4r

Ubuntu has always been an easy distro and now its gnome and not it own unity. Well it is basically the same as everyone else. As a gamer when on ubuntu I have had success with developers getting the game issues sorted. Steam games guarantee Ubuntu support ! That no small thing. But that is often Ubuntu 14.10 etc, but I digress.


I can point out why I stopped using Ubuntu, but not what is wrong with it now. My problems with it was both Mir and Unity. I didn’t like the direction that Canonical was making around 6 or 7 years ago. I also didn’t like that if you went to their webpage, nowhere on the main page had the word Gnu, Linux, or Debian. Back then, I felt they were trying to distance themselves from the “Linux community”. Either way, that might be why people see Canonical as something less than Linux. Ubuntu also positioned themselves as being easier and for new users.

But the system was fine, I used it with some issues for about 6 years.


Linux Mint.


wait a minute explain my core 2 quad system running 18.10 and fx system running fine with gnome 3. I respect you opinion strongly disagree with you


I disagree with you if anything they helping the community out so I dont know anymore.


that fine why explain the reason why be specific


Yes, I don’t understand why people would be like this and it displays a lack of knowledge on the part of the YT commenters.

All of Linux is awesome. Buts the fun back into computing. :grinning:


just yesterday I tried fedora its was nightmare on my g4400 now installing Linux mint to see how it is my modern hardware with gtx 1050. I could try out opensuse nowadays what I am missed out on it.


Describe running fine, specifically what do you do with it?
One of my old laptops that i use as a media centre has an i7 740q. While running ubuntu 18.04 it struggled with 1080p video and caused some frame skiping. i Switched distro to linux mint with cinnamon and now video playback at 1080p h265 is smooth and the workflow is overall faster.
Other than that i can do one task at a time without getting too bad performance. however i dont do one thing at a time, on my work laptop (i5 7200U 8Gb) i have fedora 29. Gnome stutters with animations, takes a lot to load things and uses a lot of ram. the more apps i have open the slower it gets and this just drives me insane when i try to work with software like MATLAB, thunderbird, firefox and texstudio open.
Now i installed KDE plasma 5 still using fedora and my latop is MUCH smoother. Like a whole new experience. And of course with cinnamon, mate, xfce, etc., all of these would have way better responsiveness than gnome 3.30. So my problem with main Ubuntu at the moment isnt with the OS itself but with the gnome desktop.