I dont understand hatred toward ubuntu

I have been using Ubuntu for so many years in my life I make a comment that “I love Ubuntu” a harmless comment on youtube comment section. All suddenly Linux mint fanboys got mad and said that it have broken and outdated repository on ubuntu. I want a friendly discussion about that state of ubuntu nowadays from long-term users.


From my experience, the “Distro Holy Wars” are faught by those, who are new(ish) or have no greater perception of what linux is/does and how it works.

Those of us, that dove deeper and have seen a lot of distros, eventually realize, that the differences are actually really small.

I currently, at work, run Fedora. Just because it delivers Stock Gnome out of the box, has exactly what i need anyways preinstalled and doesn’t require further setup from me. It’s low effort, low maintenance and just works OOB for me.

Ubuntu is getting a lot of hate from people that got into linux, and think they are somewhat elite now because they can install arch with a tutorial. Ubuntu is often pitched as a “beginner distro”, which leads to others saying it’s not “1337” enough.
For me, Ubuntu has always been solid, but uninspiring. You have the advantage of having any linux software under the sun packaged for it. It’s installer is rock solid, the defaults are sane and stuff tends to work.

For me, Linux mint users seemed very defensive about their Distro of choice (no clue why) to the point where they forget, that mint was once Ubuntu, was once Debian… It’s a lot like People. In the beginning we where all apes :wink:


I have use fedora , open suse , pclinux , steamos , solus , manjaro , and linux mint and elementary os/ yellow dog linux as well in the past for a reason still came back to ubuntu its was easier to install that the rest. I got tired of distro hopping all over the place just switching between windows and linux a lot I sick of it.

Please don’t put any merit into what is posted there.

The distro that works for you is the best one.


All I can do is try to.explain, I am way out of the loop on Linux so discussion is not for me sorry though lots of others here can debate the points well.

As for the why? You know windows… Well part of being popular is being the target of fanboys. Ubuntu is effectively the windows of the Linux world. It us popular, pre configured, out of the box user friendly. So those “more cultured” Linux users like to look down on it as being part of the old guard and behind the times.

Use what works for you.


I agree I starting to realize that now

The amount of time one has used Linux doesn’t diminish this. People that have used Linux for years regularly bash Ubuntu. There are a few on this forum, too.

Users deeply vested in their own distribution, such as Arch Linux, regularly sneer down on other distributions.

Also, Richard Stallman, years ago, called Ubuntu spyware. There are legions of brain dead disciples that hang onto every word he, and to a lesser extent, Linus Torvalds, say.

Ironically enough, I believe Linus and his family use Ubuntu as their primary workstations.

I do agree with @domsch1988, though, that once you gain a deeper understanding of the system the distro doesn’t really matter. Use the package manager and repositories you like best :man_shrugging: At the end of the day, they all do the exact same thing.


I am in the same boat. I use Fedora mostly because out of the box it has mostly what I want (and probably because I got used to it). Interestingly on the rare occasion that I run into a graphics/media related problem I test it on Ubuntu first because I had the experience if the graphics/media related software can run on Linux it’s going to run on Ubuntu.

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I love this community so much


I respect that I thinking installing fedora on my intel system to try it out nowaday the last time I use it back with the ps3 have otheros support


Youtube Comments are were someone goes after they get booted from 4chan,8chan and reddit for being obnoxious.


I can agree on that one its funny youtube comment is unhelpful at times

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I agree with the other guys here that it’s best to use what works for you. I see the variety of distros as a strength of Linux. There will always be the “my distro is the best sorts”, don’t listen to them, they are easy enough to identify.

I do too :slightly_smiling_face:

Youtube comments are generally a waste of time to even pay attention to really.
I dont even read them.

People that put allot of hate towards Ubuntu, generally dont really have much clue,
about what is actually playing in the world of Linux.
No matter if you like Ubuntu or not, Ubuntu is still very important for Linux in general.
They are pioneers and still very big in the Linux world for manny years.
Allot of the decisions they make actually effect manny other distributions aswell.
Even distro’s that are not Ubuntu based.


the biggest reason why I dont like linux mint no gnome 3 I fell in love with gnome 3 over unity

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Yeah discussions on DE’s (which is better yada yada) is also a similar thing.
I mean a DE makes how a user interacts with a system.
The nice thing about linux is that there are manny different DE’s out there for everyone.
Every person is different and interact with a system in a different way.
So whatever works best for you, works best for you, same thing counts for a Linux distribution in general.
Linux distro’s in the core are all just gnu linux so yeah… they all could do the same thing in the end.

I agree with your point

For me, Ubuntu has provided the features I need in a distro. It my home server OS. Uptime on it has been good, except for some storage issues I need to fix, but these are my issues, not Ubuntus. I am not a fan of Unity, and have not used gnome. However, most of my server admin tasks are handled via SSH, so DE is not too omportant here.

I also have Mint on my primary rig, with Win10. I have had very few issues here either. I had to a little work after upgrading the kernel, but nothing major. I like Cinnamon, that is why I use Mint for my desktop instead of Ubuntu.

I have also used Arch and Manjaro. It seems I have to fix more broken things here, but this seems to be the nature of rolling release.

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Ubuntu is fantastic! I installed it on my grandma’s PC 5 years ago and she hasn’t called me with an issue since lol

My intro to linux was Ubuntu 5.04 and it introduced me to the guy that taught me the fundamentals. Eventually he ended up developing his own spin of ubuntu called Ultimate Edition so I used that exclusively until 2012 when I started experimenting with other distros and finally settled on Fedora for work, Arch for fun.

Ubuntu still has a special place in my heart but I couldn’t STAND unity. I’ve been meaning to give 18.10 a chance now that Gnome is the default.

But don’t let anyone bash you for your distro of choice (Unless you unironically use RedStar OS in which case, stop. Get some help.)

Though please do try at least one rolling release OS before you settle in. Makes things much nicer imo.

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they get booted from 4chan … for being obnoxious

That must take an impressive amount of effort.

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