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I dont understand hatred toward ubuntu


I don’t know
But getting a permanent ban on TMZ comments was easy :slight_smile:


But worth nothing that they twist those words and ignore other things he says that contradict their views. These people fit into no group.

Ubuntu’s alright. We use a couple in work. These days most mainstream distros are very similar.


Yeah, often RMS and Linus recant their previous rants, but still the “Ubuntu is Spyware” and “Fuck you, Nvidia!” videos are ever spammed.

Sorry, but if everyone says something sucks, but I enjoy using it, I don’t mind being on my own :man_shrugging:


I don’t hate Ubuntu, however I don’t use it. I recommend people use it if they want something that just works and doesn’t require fiddling. I don’t recommend it to people who want to program or do any major OS tinkering.

Anyone who hates on a distro is generally being silly



Considering Google, Facebook, IBM, and thousands of other companies experienced success with it, I find it hard to believe that Ubuntu isn’t good for programming.

Today is just Linux + Gnome + other utilities. There isn’t anything special about it.


Because people can run into dependency issues with some API / SDK software over time as they wait for the distro to support the upgrade.

It’s happened to me with Mint even with something as simple to install as python.

Also, DXVK upgrades, kernel patches for video cards (latest hardware) all take a lot longer on those distros.

Google, Facebook and IBM all have programmers running windows boxes as well, does that make it a better OS for programming?


I would say this is the case with Linux in general? I’ve had hiccups on JDK between versions 8 and 11 on Fedora and CentOS.

There are non-LTS versions of Ubuntu that cater to the latest and greatest.



I’m not here to argue, you asked why.

I gave my reasons.

If you disagree, that’s fine.


its understable I can respect that


Personally, I love the Ubuntu art direction. By love, I mean I have themed my debian installations with it (and the Ubuntu font).
I don’t like GNOME or Unity however, so I don’t use it very much. I recommend it to all my friends, however, since I can just treat it like debian with some extra admin tools whenever they have an issue they can’t solve by themselves.

I think the Canonical hate started with the Amazon search functionality, which has been switched off by default for years. Once a ‘thief’, always a ‘thief’ as it were.


There’s nothing more precious in an internet discussion than a pointless grudge.

Take manjaro for example, for the next two or three decades any discussion of it will eventually result in someone bringing up the security certificate expiration that happened like 4 years ago, and therefore anyone that uses it is a bad and defective person.

Every distro will have some sort of past flaw that someone is going to relentlessly bring up and make a fuss about. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just shitposting.


I don’t hate Ubuntu. But still don’t and won’t use it, again.



its understandable I use linux mint before its slower than ubuntu in updates Im fine with ubuntu and fedora


People want to make out that they’re cool for using something different and not mainstream. Possibly half the reason a lot of them started with Linux in the first place.

Ubuntu does a fine job at what it does. If it doesn’t work for you, go use something else. But ubuntu is basically debian with a few frills to make it easier and less hassle to actually get shit done - and i started using Debian with Bo (1.2). I used slackware 3.1 before that.

So it, or vanilla debian (if i’m building a network appliance type box) is my default go-to depending on what i’m building the box for. Unless there are other factors, in which case i may use RHEL or Centos.

100% that.

Also 100% that. I’d extend that further even - work out what you want to do on the box, what software you plan to use, and pick the platform that has the least hassles for that. No point running something like say… elementary or slackware or gentoo for example when you want easy support for say VMware workstation, or Steam games.

That largely extends to FreeBSD as well, though recent developments with systemd and the like have made a bunch of software linux-centric now.

TLDR: most people could quite easily take the effort they spend running a “real man’s” distro (or real woman’s, etc. i.e., a “leet” one) and just enable some additional repos in ubuntu or whatever other “noob” or “corporate” distro to get things done in a far easier and better supported manner.

But hey, you do you, etc.


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Use what works for you, people spend a lot of time distro hopping realizing that they aren’t getting anything productive out of it. People who chastise you for using one distro over another are simply terrible for the Linux community.


People like to think what they run is better regardless of what it is. Life is full of it (chev/ford, amd/intel,nvidia/amd).

Its all comes down to trying to feel supireior and they cant get that feeling without belittling someone else.


I want that cloth now


Lol, and here I am using POP!_OS to get shit done.


Not a single problem with Ubuntu. Canonical has done a great job managing it while maintaining the premise that they are a for profit company. Hell, I still recommend and use Linux Mint

Now, my primary distro as of late has been Manjaro (the Cinnamon community edition) but Ubuntu and it’s derivations get a lot right. Snap and PPAs are among the coolest things I’ve seen distros do. SUSE attempts to mimic this but sort of misses the mark unless you’re willing to fully sacrifice zypoer for apt (which is possible on SUSE–just don’t use both).


Ubuntu has good backend, a good foundation…but the problems lie with the main version.

Unity is trash, not the layout of the interface but the glitchy backend compositor compiz. Add Amazon search turned on by default for many years and the package still being installed by default and you get angry costumers.

And now we have gnome…and now middle market and old computers run slow on mainline ubuntu due to gnome being a resource hog. (Even the latest 3.30 is atrocious).

On the other hand Ubuntu spins/flavours/community editions are are really good. Faster tan the mainline gnome, stable and full of apps.