Hayden Barnes: Windows Subsystem for Linux - Interview!

To continue the Windows Subsystem for Linux :heart:, If you’ve not caught it already, Wendell released an interview with Hayden Barnes yesterday on YouTube. Hayden Barnes is the Canonical Developer Advocate for Ubuntu on WSL.

This seems to be an ongoing series of interesting information about WSL at L1.
some of the other community topics on WSL:

You can keep up to date one some of the WSL process at Microsofts Blogs


Microsoft also released a topic on the progress of WSL2 at Build 2020


Excuse me while I go puke. Sorry, Eden.

In terms of making windows more useful for me WSL 2 looks great. With WSL it always comes back down to me pulling in the stuff from the OS that does everything but one thing for me. instead of just taking the one thing that it doesn’t do for me and using the OS I actually want.

I can definitely see where developers that absolutely rely on something like VS code or the windows environment (some would call them “people”)

Knowing that the Ubuntu team is the large contributor to the WSL ubuntu implementation I have to give even more kudos. Makes network work on my work laptop so much easier.

Also WTF?? CONHOST has an open source version?! Damn.