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Guess this Animated show/Describe a Cartoon like it's an Anime




Oh and BTW, there’s a new Netflix show of her coming in 2019


Wow I didn’t know that, sounds exciting.
I’ll take my turn in a few, just need to make sure one of the points is actually from the show lol


Ok, here it is:

A young hikikomori springs to buy his first apartment (without first seeing the interior) and proceeds to experience what life is like, on your own, in a big city. Not soon after he comes across the “one”, he is tasked with making prints for her, this is the main arc of the show… The following episodes, though divergent in nature, always return to the pursuit of the seemingly unapproachable woman. Join our poor loser protagonist, his sister, mutually friendzoned friend, and goat man as they get in all sorts of shenanigans in the pursuit of relationships, alcohol, and meaningless crap destined to make them feel worse than they already do.

It’s a weird show.


Welcome to the N.H.K? Never watched this show.


Nope, I haven’t seen it either




a teenager who’s suffered a lot in his life starts asking questions. he loves superheroes an fantasizes to be one some day when he was a kid but when he started experiencing how things work, he started harboring this concept that we as humans have to step up and that real superheroes have no power.

concepts from

death note
megas xlr


It is @SEP turn.


Outbreak Company?



The show has strong musical associations as well as inspiration for a character of one of the shows previously guessed


Chaos;Head? Is it Western animation or an actual anime?


Western, the station was heavily music oriented


A show set in the 1970s where our main character and his crew go on dangerous misadventures sometimes with famous celebrities and occasionally square off against the president of the United States


Alright man, I’m gonna need another hint. Ask me what channel it appeared because I’m curious about this show. I’ll let you go again if I find it somehow.


I’ll just give you the channel, OG MTV


Is the show Downtown? How is the show besides being weird?



It’s a little strange, I enjoyed it, it’s a bizarre story about nihilism and how it plays a part in these characters miserable lives


Guess this show.

A pop rockstar duo with a greedy manager goes around the world performing concerts and participating in wacky adventures on their private tour bus.


Mai Waifu?