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Guess this Animated show/Describe a Cartoon like it's an Anime


No. Not that show.


Well it’s not Josie and the Pussycats either. Is it Western animation or anime?


Western Animation.


Hmm, then maybe it is Josie and the Pussycats.


It is not actually. I’ll give you guys a hint:

The popstar duo are based by two real popstars.




How many musical cartoons did Hanna Barbera made?


A lot, lol


I would not be surprised if you watched all of them.





Another hint: The duo have two cats: one is black and another is white.


Well there’s a difference between the ones that centered around music (i.e., Josie and the Pussycats, etc.) and the ones that just featured music with the cast being members of a band as more of a gimmick.


It is more of the latter than former.


I’m going to rephrase my premise with more detail.

A Western Animation about a J-Pop rockband duo based on a real J-Pop duo goes around the world with their greedy midget manager on a private tour bus performing rock concerts, hanging out in their hometown of Tokyo, and go on crazy adventures. The duo owns two cats, one being black and another being white.

Going from the like @Theonewhoisdrunk made on my original comment, I’m pretty sure they knew what the show was, but don’t care to participate.


Uh yeah. I am no good at describing things so its going to take a while to come up with something but if I do will comment haha.


fuck took me awhile to figure out the name…
is it Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi?


Yes. You got it!

If no one got it from that hint, I would had no choice but say “Look up the artist that did the Team Titans theme song.”


That’s basically what I did lol.

anyway someone else can take my turn, it’s fairly late here.


How would you even come across the point to think of Teen Titans anyway?


I remember vaguely some ads for a show about the singers of the teen titans theme and that got me to the answer.