Gigabyte MW34SP0 Motherboard

I’m also running a 1.0 board with F09 (THE FIRMWARE THEY POSTED ON WEBSITE FOR IT!). Apart from the board not booting from internal storage when an Intel E810 25GBe NIC installed, everything seems ok.

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The 1.0 board came back from RMA. I received the exact same board back and I don’t see any hardware modifications, so I assume the “repair” was only done in software/firmware.

The board came back flashed with F05 BIOS. With that BIOS I still get no output (hdmi/vga/dp/kvm/serial-over-lan) with my 13900k raptorlake cpu. Flashing to F09 BIOS leads again to the same flooding of critical errors (as before the RMA) and no screen output:

ID: 1206 Unknown sensor of type critical_interrupt logged a bios : Front Panel NMI / Diagnostic Interrupt was asserted

So I don’t understand what was fixed. What a loss of time and money.

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@bezeria Sorry to hear you are still having some issues. I went back to a cheap i5-12500 with bios F05 and my i7-13700k is sitting on the shelf. I think we were both assuming this board would be ok with 13th Gen and a new bios.
What OS are you using?
With Truenas Scale I was getting PCI AERR errors, but it seems to be fine with Proxmox.

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Hi @bezeria
Where did you buy the board? I bought it from octo24.c*m and they have done almost the same thing. They sent me back the same board but updated to F09, and the BMC still doesn’t start properly. According to them the board has worked fine for a few days, but I don’t think they tried to turn the power off/on on the psu.
So they told me to contact gigabyte support (those who told me to contact the seller :crazy_face:)
I’m sick of this board, what a waste of time and money :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I bought it from (ex

The board came with F05 BIOS flashed.

Funny thing, Quippr said that they tested the “repaired” board with a raptorlake cpu before returning it to me and found it working. I find it hard to believe them since the returned board came with F05 BIOS (unbootable for raptorlake!).

Can gigabyte simply acknowledge the problem and send us real replacements and not back the same unchanged faulty boards?

@wendell Can you possibly chime in? This is a board that you have reviewed/sponsored on your channel.

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update: the quippr retailer just contacted me, and I am going for a second round of RMA. :crossed_fingers: I will keep you posted.

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Update from 2nd RMA:

Quippr dealer basically says that it is my fault that I cannot boot Raptorlake and blames me for buying a Rev1.0 board, and not a Rev1.1 board.

Even before buying this board, I contacted Gigabyte support and was promised that Raptorlake 13th gen support was coming to my board later via a BIOS update ,so it is safe to buy now the board. So i went ahead and bought it. I have 3 proofs of conversation with Gigabyte eSupport where they say my board will in the future work with Raptorlake.

It has been 6 months where Gigabyte and Quippr are playing tennis with each other and me being the tennis ball. Quippr blames me while Gigabyte sends me back the same exact board saying there is nothing wrong with it.

And in the meantime @wendell 's silence is deafening. I learned from my mistakes: never again trust gigabyte, never again trust quippr, never again trust Wendell.

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I also received my Board yesterday after RMA. There was not note attached, besides the shipping note saying “sorry”. The board was packed inside the box of my faulty board, but when I tried to log in I realized it’s a new one (password …136 instead of …75).
It came with bios f05 installed, so I guess I won’t be able to update either.
It does not have to power-issue, but it took me several tries to get to the BIOS (it got stuck entering BIOS every time). When I finally managed to get in, it got stuck after hitting “save”. Luckily(?) it saved my changes, at least the boot order…
So yay, it’s somehow better I guess? Over all, it’s a very expensive piece of junk which I can’t trust and can’t really use in a productive environment.

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Absolutely I agree with you. This cannot be used in a productive environment. This is not allowed to be called a workstation motherboard. If Gigabyte Computing considers itself to be selling professional solutions, it should have the decency to issue a recall of this broken-by-design motherboard. By they don’t have such decency.

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I am looking into it. The “right thing” is to swap your board for the newer rev if it can’t be updated for raptor lake. I’ll be happy to send you mine if it works, but I’m not sure it does and that’s what I’ve been working on.

I also forwarded this up the chain with the contacts is have.

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Thank you for answering @wendell .

The dealer Quippr refuses to exchange it for a Rev1.1 board and blames me instead for buying a Rev 1.0 board.

GIGABYTE eSupport tells me to send the board to the dealer for RMA.

I don’t even know what to do and who to contact anymore. I appreciate your help for resolving this and all the help from people here for troubleshooting this board.

There is now an (un)helpful note on the 1.0 BIOS download page that says:

*F05 is the latest BIOS version for revision 1.0 boards. Do not try to update a revision 1.0 board with version F05 to F09. It will cause the hardware to fail. Please check your board revision before making any changes.

Really Gigabyte? So you accept responsibility for posting that BIOS on the Rev 1.0 BIOS download page? Then send us 1.1 boards and don’t mess around your customers and expect the resellers to deal with your mistake. The Rev 1.0 board mobo should be recalled and replaced with 1.1 direct from you!


@wendell - Can we provide any ‘virtual’ baseball bats to assist you and this argument with Gigabyte? Cross posting to any social medias etc?

The Gigabyte eSupport team responded to me and they do not want to acknowledge that they promised me ‘Raptorlake support via a BIOS update’.

Instead they tell me if you buy a Rev1.0 board, you get only a Rev1.0 board back from RMA.

I will contact my lawyer for legal support.

I advise people to send to social media about what Gigabyte is doing to its customers.

@TOMO1982 @wendell

Now Gigabyte eSupport is now lying in my face and say that they never posted the F09 BIOS “Supports 13th gen Intel Core i CPU ; Updated Microcode for Raptor Lake H-0 stepping CPU” to the Rev1.0 BIOS download page!

This is infuriating.

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Well I can definately confirm I downloaded it from this page.

Here’s what esupport wrote me. I guess a lawyer would get nothing out of it, because it’s pretty vague.

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Thank you @happyone for confirming that ‘Gigabyte had issued the F09 BIOS update for Rev1.0 boards’.
If anybody else has more proof of Gigabyte’s actions and would like to show it, please let me know!
I know that I am losing time and money for doing this, but such practices from big companies such as GIGABYTE supposedly targetting
“Enterprise” and “Workstation” customers should not be left unchallenged.

This is a preliminary letter that I will send to GIGABYTE and to also their social media outlets.

If GIGABYTE or anybody else wants to add, comment, or refute what I am saying here, feel free to reply to this post.
Bear in mind that I have proof of communication logs from GIGABYTE eSupport, and actual daily logs/screenshots
taken from the board’s GIGABYTE official webpage, using the Distill monitoring chrome extension which takes an html snapshot
when html changes to webpages happen (attached).


this letter is about your MW34SP0 motherboard. If you believe that any of the following is not correct please reply to me.

Timeline of events of MW34SP0 board

Apr2022: GIGABYTE’s press announces MW34-SP0 W680 board: . This board
is for long time still nowhere to be bought.

Jul2022: GIGABYTE’s press releases a post with title “The New Coming BIOS of GIGABYTE 600 Motherboards Supports New Gen. Intel® Core™ CPU” , hinting clearly in the title that all existing 600 series boards will get new-cpu (raptorlake)
support simply via a BIOS update.

Sept2022: @wendell reviews in his youtube channel the board, which I think
was sponsored by GIGABYTE
Edit: this review was not sponspored by GIGABYTE. This review creates hype and a lot of traction, even an indication of a potential groupby.
@GIGABYTEServer tweets about it:

Sept or Oct 2022: The board (Rev1.0) starts appearing in German dealers’s websites (and other regions), available for purchase.
There is no mention of Rev1.1 ‘s existence on these dealers’ websites, or the official GIGABYTE motherboard webpage.

20 Oct 2022 : Intel* officially launches Raptorlake Intel
clearly states on their product webpage that the W680 chipset is compatible with Raptorlake:

Oct2022 - until now: Customers in the Level1Techs forum report that the motherboard (Rev1.0) may have some ‘Power Issue’. For more, see the later
section titled ‘Power Issue’.

Oct2022 - Jan2023: Customers in the Level1Techs forum communicate with ‘GIGABYTE eSupport’ which more or less claim that Rev1.0
boards will get Raptorlake support soon , via a BIOS update.

12 January 2023: GIGABYTE posts on the BIOS section of the board’s webpage (Rev1.0) the F09 BIOS Update with title:
‘Updated Microcode for Raptorlake H-0 stepping CUP, Version F09, 22.09MB, 2023/01/12, Download’ . Note
that there is no ‘Rev 1.1’ board mentioned anywhere in the website at this moment.

12 January 2023 - 06 February 2023: People start updating their board (Rev1.0 - no other revision exists yet)
to the new F09 posted BIOS. Boards start failing left and right, and I assume ‘GIGABYTE eSupport’ was informed about this.
I personally informed them on 22 January 2023 and 23 January 2023; they responded on 26 January saying that I should RMA the board to my dealer.

16 January 2023: GIGABYTE eSupport communicates with me and reminds me that the BIOS F09 is available from my Rev1.0 board to
download and install

(Note, on the above picture the link “here” points to Rev1.0 board BIOS section . Still there is no Rev1.1 mentioned anywhere in the website or to me.

23 January 2023: I am sending the board back to the Quippr-de dealer (Rev1.0) for RMA, as ‘GIGABYTE eSupport’ proposed.

03 Feb 2023: A Rev1.1 webpage appears, with 1 BIOS only available at its Rev1.1 BIOS section (F09). Reading through the specs, it looked
like this ‘Rev1.1’ is identical hardware-wise and only comes pre-flashed out-of-the-box with F09 BIOS.
The Rev1.0 webpage remains the same, with F09 BIOS update still there.

06 Feb 2023: The F09 BIOS gets removed from Rev1.0 BIOS Section. The F05 BIOS already there is augmented with a comment: ‘Support 12th gen Core iCPU only’. From 12 January to 06 February 2023 (almost a month) customers were updating their Rev1.0 board to F09 BIOS which has catastrophic consequences:
put in GIGABYTE’s own words, “it will cause the hardware to fail”.

06 March 2023: I received back the board from RMA. The “repaired” board is exactly the same as the one I have sent (Rev1.0). The board
came flashed with F05 BIOS. The dealer Quippr-de says in an email to me that they have tested themselves the repaired board
with a Raptorlake cpu before sending it back to me and found it working fine.
Later, Quippr-de will retract on this email conversation: they don’t actually have a Raptorlake cpu at their service department, only an Alderlake,
and they assumed Alderlake and Raptorlake are the same.

16 March 2023: I am sending the board for a second RMA to Quippr (together with my raptorlake cpu), because it still cannot boot Raptorlake.
Quippr examines the board and says that it is my fault for buying a Rev1.0 board, which does not support Raptorlake.

27 March 2023: GIGABYTE eSupport sends me a series of messages, where they:

  1. Deny that they promised to me (or anyone) Raptorlake support for the Rev1.0 board
  2. Deny more or less that the BIOS F09 with ‘Updated Microcode for Raptorlake H-0 stepping CUP’ was ever posted in the Rev1.0 BIOS webpage section.

Power issue

According to many reports in the forum and personally experienced by me, the BMC (and consequently the host computer) will refuse to start when
any hardware/BIOS changes occur. It sometimes even reports wrong flashed/BIOS versions in the BMC website.
The whole computer has to be powered off for long periods of time (even a day), so the BMC (and thus also the host computer) can come back to life.
GIGABYTE has nowhere acknowledged this issue.

Raptorlake-support issue

All 600-series chipsets (except this one ofcourse) that I know of, and from all manufacturers that I know of,
got properly-working Raptorlake-support via a simple BIOS update.

All W680 boards that I know of from all manufacturers (asrock, asus, supermicro) got a Raptorlake-support via a simple BIOS update.

Intel themselves state the the W680 chipset is forward-compatible with Raptorlake 13th gen CPUs.

So there is absolutely no real technical limitation that would cause a W680 chipset to not work with Raptorlake.

Even today (27March 2023), GIGABYTE has the audacity to advertise this board as a “13th Gen Intel® Core™ Workstation Board” on their website: Workstation Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global

Please, recall this motherboard replacing it with a Rev1.1 board or give a refund.

– End of letter


Very good post @bezeria - lots of evidence that what we purchased has not met published information and/or expected performance/features in line with similar motherboards from competing manufacturers.

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Not sponsored. Just a fan. The group buy thing is because these are produced for corp customers mainly, not individuals. That is, I think, a partial explanation here. GBT enterprise is used to dealing with i.e. an ISP that’s going to setup racks of these for remote customers.

It’s not like retailer boards/products. That’s also why your reseller isn’t dealing with it the way they should – there’s not really recourse up the chain for them and the margins are so small that doing anything on one board eats the profit margin on 10 other sales.

For me the group buy is about collectively coming together to get the feature set of the board tweaked for what makes more sense for the group.

Anyway, I am reasonably certain that Giga enterprise is going to reach out and swap the 1.0 board for 1.1 version for the 5 or so affected people here… but still waiting on details. Can you guys post closeups of your serial # sticker etc? Replacement boards will be new serials ofc. Just waiting to button up a few details on that from my end and to confirm that they reached out to the right retailer to find out what the heck


First of all, thank you for using your contacts and investing you time to resolve this issue!

I‘m on a business trip until friday and get a shot of the serial on the weekend.
Our retailer is Jacob if it’s relevant (Jacob dot de)

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