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Game promo and discount deals



Free games, free games... 46 hours of free games...
Well, one free game. Shadow Warrior.



Just Cause 3 free trial until 28.07 and 75% discount on steam.


Risen 3 Complete Edition, Deadlight Directors Cut, Homefront, Saints Row 2 - $1 Tier

Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Mighty No. 9, Killer is Dead - Nightmare Edition plus the $1 Tier titles - $5.10 (as of now)

Homefront: The Revolution Standard Edition, Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition, Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell - Devils's Workshop Pack plus the previous Tier titles - $15 or more


I recommend this game, not very different from jc2 though.


Expansion/DLC is free right now on Origin.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare free multiplayer weekend and 50% discount on Steam.


The Witcher Enhanced Edition - free for a while…


For under $4 you get Dead Effect and Dead Effect 2, Blue Estate The Game, and Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 …

plus you get 7 other games or so.

The deal seeker I am has me wishing I would have waited to get these games I mentioned but they are all high quality and what I paid for them was probably still too low. Btw in regards to Blue Estate The Game it is not for children that is for sure and to me it is one of the best on rail shooters ever. It is so different and so cool. Buy the bundle just for that game even. LOL!

Oh and I believe there is a 10% Summer Sale discount available to all people although I only saw it in an email sent to me.


For Honor free weekend 10-13th August.


The new Humble Micro Jumbo bundle is kind of awesome…

Also, there are a couple of free games if you are really tight on cash.


Guild of Wars 2: Path of Fire free weekend 11-13 August


Get the sh1t out of that free deadlight


Gog had some platformer front page today, deadlight or something


Yeah here is a direct link…

You can also find it in @psycho_666 post…


If I didn’t already have many if not all of these games I’d be interested. At the very least one could buy at whatever tier and support a charity which is always good.


$5.02 Canadian

$2.50 Canadian

Update: I finally gave in. I could not resist. I just bought Lords of the Fallen Digital Deluxe Edition.

Btw they say it is a one time use per account but it isn’t as you can get a code on Facebook for a percentage off the purchase and it works every single time I have used it including today.


for that price it was a bargain but I really didn’t like LOTF
they copied everything from dark souls except the fun. haha



63 cents US …

The game looks great so it is worth it to get it for that alone.