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Game promo and discount deals



I am surprised there isn't a topic like this...
PLEASE, If you post in this topic, try and add the time frame of the promotion.
I think there should be one, especially for gaming deals and discounts since this is one of the best things about the PC gaming - the competition leads to lower prices and discounts... For example :

Hard Reset - 1,34€ (promo is over)

Dark Souls Prepare to die - 4,99€
Medieval 2: Total War - 4,99€...
I think I'll get Hard Reset... It's limited time, so hurry up. For the price don't even think about it...

Free games for a limited time
Free games for a limited time

Oh, I forgot...

Sniper Elite 3 is free to play for the weekend...


This is a good thread to have. Can be updated overtime.

Bandai Namco is basically having a weekend sale with some cool games.

I am currently playing Deadcore and if you like a platform FPS bounded on speedrunning and exploration, I'm sure you will enjoy the game for $2.49. Oct. 06, 2016


Some really good prices on some good games this weekend on Steam and I wonder if this will continue in the near future to help them shake the bad press they have been getting over the CS gambling deal.

As for me sharing a good deal ....

Dungeon Keeper for FREE from EA on Origin.


This thread should so be pinned and have "(Official)" be added:)


Having one thread for this wouldnt really work, as deals come and go, the posts would still be here and people would try to get deals where they didnt exist.

We USED to have a weekly game sales thing, but that died a while ago, along with most other content.


Couldn't we put dates on the deals so when someone looks at one and finds it expires they could just move on?


Well, i [email protected]#$%ed it up... I forgot to buy Hard Reset and it's now out of promotion :(


Euro Truck Simulator 2 - 50% off until 17 October 2016

Sunless Sea - 5,94Euro / 66% off until 15 October 2016


Beyond good and evil is free from Ubisoft's website in celebration of their 30-th birthday.
It's going to be free until the 12-13-th November.


Chance to redeem my mistake...
Hard Reset 85% off, down to 2€, up until 17-th October...


In the next 3 days, until 17-th October, you can get Plague Inc: Evolved on Steam for 50%off - 7,49Euro.


Here is a nice promo...
Saint's Row 4 - Game of the Century edition for 4,99...

Saint's Row the third - 2.49, or full package with all DLCs for 3,74...

It does not say when it expires, so you may want to hurry up with that one.


Awesome !!! Thanks for these guys.


Loving this thread so far. I'll be keeping a close eye on these!


Trying to put expire dates on the titles, so at first look you can see if you have missed it or not. Will add a request in the beginning, if anyone post to post the expire date as well.


[email protected] finally...
Hand Of freaking Fate is 66% off (8€) for the next 46 hours. If you don't have it - get it... It is a great game.


49 cents for 4 games and you get a discount code to save money on buying other stuff.


Darksiders 1 and 2 for 11,28 Euro (75% off) on GOG...
The first game is 4,49
the second one is 6.79
There is no time frame for the promotion, so you should check if it is still valid.


Doom is 50% off...

so f'n tempting ...

Edit: Forgot to mention that the offer ends 25 October.